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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Giveaway: Win a copies of the Two Book Series The Field and Midnight House in the Dashing December Giveaway Hop!

Welcome to the Dashing December Giveaway
Hosted by Mama the Fox

When Ian Dawson was young he was kidnapped by a couple of older boys. He somehow was able to relive that experience in the novel, The Field. This novel is not only a harrowing tale of the kidnapping but the story of a bond between two friends so strong that one would not give up until he found out what had happened to the other and brought him home. In fact, there are two friendships explored in the book, the healthy friendship between Daniel and his friend, Kyle and the toxic friendship between the two older boys, Austin and James that leads to the kidnapping of Daniel. 

In the sequel to The Field, it is Daniel's turn to be there for Kyle.  When Kyle becomes captain of the JV basketball team and is invited to participate in a mysterious and possibly dangerous ritual known as the Midnight House, it is up to  Daniel with the aid of his smart and capable girlfriend, Amber, to rescue Kyle.  Although it does turn out that there is a surprising connection between what happens to Kyle in this book and what happened to Daniel in the earlier book about his kidnapping, you are given enough information in this book to be able to read it and understand what is going on without having first read the other book. 

For more about The Field, see our previous post Tips for Tuesday - Books: The Field. For more about The Midnight House, see our previous post Tips for Tuesday - Books: The Midnight House. Enter to win copies of both books below:

Giveaway Dates 12/16 - 12/31

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    1. Interesting, thanks for sharing and for visiting Says Me Says Mom

  2. I have re-discovered that it is most important to discover the people and events of the holiday season as opposed to the commercial "stuff" of the holidays.

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  3. I would recommend that everyone either donate money that would be used for gifts to charity or to pick names so a person only has to buy one or a couple gifts. Give the gift of love by not expecting "stuff" for the holidays. May your time & efforts be your gift.

    1. We used to do a family grab bag but now we just don't exchange gifts at all. Thanks for visiting Says Me Says Mom and for your comment.

  4. I would recommend donating clothes and coats to your local churches. Our areas are so in need of this, especially for young children.

    1. That is a great idea. Thanks for visiting Says Me Says Mom and your comment.