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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Where-To-Go Wednesday - West Milford Museum

What: West Milford Museum

Where: 1477 Union Valley Road
             West Milford, NJ

Who: All ages

The West Milford Museum is dedicated not only to the history of the town of West Milford but to the history of the region its located in as well. In most ways, it's pretty typical of museums of this type which are devoted to a particular town and the surrounding area. However, there are a few exhibits that are especially interesting at this specific museum. The first is an exhibit regarding Cross Castle. Cross Castle was an actual castle that used to exist in West Milford. A man named Richard Cross had it built for his family in 1905. Parts of the Castle remained until 1988 when what was left of it was declared unsafe and whatever was left of the structure was torn down. For more about the history of Cross Castle and to see pictures of both the castle and the Cross family visit the museum.

The other particularly noteworthy exhibit at the West Milford Museum regards Jungle Habitat. Jungle Habitat was an animal safari that existed prior to the opening of Six Flag's Great Adventure's Wild Safari Drive-Thru which is located in Jackson, NJ, and has been open there since 1974, although it originally opened as just Great Adventure's Wild Safari, and it was not part of Six Flags. Jungle Habitat was open only from 1972 to 1976. It was a crazy place where, unlike at Great Adventure where animals like lions and tigers are kept behind fences, even the wildest of animals could walk right up to your car. The place was plagued with problems including neighbors complaining about the traffic it caused, rumors of escaped animals, and more. Once a man was even attacked by a lion at the Safari although it was shown in court that he had actually rolled down his window and taunted the lion while driving through despite strict rules that required all vehicle windows to remain up at all times. The West Milford Museum's Jungle Habitat exhibit is quite extensive and includes numerous artifacts which in addition to various souvenirs also include a worker's uniform and a Tiger Trail sign. They also have Jungle Habitat videos and old commercials available for viewing. 

The West Milford Museum is open on Saturdays from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM. Mask-wearing and social distancing are required. The museum is fully handicapped accessible as there are no steps to get in the building and the museum is only one floor. The museum does not have its own website, but you can get further information about the museum on the Township of West Milford's website at http://www.westmilford.org/cn/webpage.cfm?tpid=3979

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.


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