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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Theater Thursday - The Sorceror's Apprentice

What: The Sorceror's Apprentice

Where: Livestreaming from Southwark Playhouse

Who: 8 and Up 

When: Through March 14, 2021

London's Southwark Playhouse's production of the new musical, The Sorceror's Apprentice was originally supposed to be a live in-person production, but because of the current pandemic, it has been shifted to an online live streaming event. This is a lucky break for those of on this side of the pond who would not otherwise be able to see it. The show bears very little resemblance to the 2010 movie of the same name or the Sorceror's Apprentice segment of 1940's Fantasia except that they all involve sequences in which brooms come to life so if you are expecting to see one of those films reproduced onstage you will be disappointed. 

This is very much a modern Sorceror's Apprentice. The story is relevant and timely, not so timely in that it revolves around the Covid crisis which thankfully it does not, but in that revolves around the climate crisis. The plot is somewhat confusing actually, but it has something to do with a factory that seems to be causing some kind of a climate crisis. At it's heart through, the story is about a  father and daughter who are having trouble connecting in the wake of the girl's mother's death at the time of her birth. That part of the story is infinitely more interesting and a lot less confusing than the other. Although the climate change angle certainly is very original.

The show has a score full of new songs. The song, Spellbound, which is one of two songs you can hear on the show's website, is very pretty but most of the songs are not very memorable. There are some cool special effects but not as many as you would think. 

Older children might enjoy this show, but the story isn't really appropriate for younger children and there are some aspects that may scare them. Although in some ways this show is disappointing, it is still nice to have the opportunity to see a full production of a brand-new musical instead of just watching another Zoom musical that is really only faces and backgrounds.

And that's our view. For more information or to purchase a ticket to view The Sorceror's Apprentice, visit www.southwarkplayhouse.co.uk/as-live/the-sorcerers-apprentice. You will have to sign up for a membership to stream.theatre which like the similar Broadway on Demand does not require payment of  a fee just to join although you will have to pay for a ticket to the show to view it. Also, keep in mind are, that this is a live stream which means it must be watched at the time it is on. This means that if you are in the United States, there is a time difference and 7:00 PM local time where the show is being presented is not necessarily 7:00 PM your local time. 2:00 PM matinees and 7:00 PM evening shows come out to 9:30 AM morning shows and 2:00 PM matinees in the Eastern Standard Zone of the United States. However, when you sign up for an account with stream.theatre it will give you the show time according to your local time zone which makes it easier.

Tune in Sunday for this week's Sunday Scoop. 

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