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Monday, March 15, 2021

Lets Talk about The Masker Singer and The Masked Dancer


The first season of The Masked Dancer recently concluded, and last week the fifth season of The Masked Singer started. Below is our view of these two shows. Warning this post may contain spoilers if you are catching up on old seasons of one of these shows!

 Things We Like About Both Shows

The premise of the shows is very entertaining. It's a lot of fun to try to guess who is behind the masks.

The costumes that hide the contestant's identities are amazing and get weirder and yet more amazing all the time. It's always a delight to see what they come up with next.

Things We Don't Like About Either Show

Unless you're a super-fan of the person behind the mask a lot of the clues are very obscure. If you are like us, there may be a lot of people competing you've never heard of before or didn't know that much about to begin with especially because the contestants come from so many different backgrounds. Most people are not like to be familiar with all of the contestants.

Even when a person has been unmasked and they explain what the clues meant, they only explain a few of the clues. We have this obsessive need to have them all explained!

It seems like anyone who wins has some kind of professional training as a singer or dancer depending on which show they are competing on. It's not as if some celebrity who has no singing or dancing training and/or has never sung or danced in front of an audience before can actually win.  Every winner on The Masked Singer to date has sung professionally even if that is not what they are primarily known for. Some like, LeAnn Rimes, who won the most recent season, are actually known mostly for singing. LeAnn has a beautiful voice, and although she deserved to win, as a professional singer, it was a little unfair when people who have no professional singing training and/or have never sung in public before have to compete in a singing competition against a professional singer.  As for The Masked Dancer, although Gabby Douglass, who won the one and only season so far,  is not exactly a professional dancer as a gymnast we're sure she had some kind of formal dance training.

What We Like About The Masked Dancer Specifically

It's fine to try to guess the contestant's identity from their voice when they give their one-word clues as well to try to put all the one-word clues from the different weeks of the show together to try to guess who they are.

What We Prefer About The Masked Singer

To date, every contestant on every season of The Masked Singer that we've seen (we did not see the first season or part of season three) whether they have professional singing experience or not has at least  been a decent singer. None of them were completely horrible. On the contrary, there have been some really bad contestants in The Masked Dancer who just seems to strut around the stage not doing anything that any random audience member wouldn't be able to do.

At least half of The Masked Singer panel is made up of people who are professional singers while the only professional dancer on The Masked Dancer panel is Paula Adul. Just because Ashley Tisdale danced in a bunch of High School Musical movies that doesn't make her a choreographer. She is known more as an actress and singer. 


While both The Masked Singer and The Masked Dancer can be fun to watch, we highly prefer The Masked Singer and if The Masked Dancer never went past one season we wouldn't really mind.

And that's our view. What do you think about The Masked Singer and/or The Masked Dancer? 

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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