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Monday, March 8, 2021

Matt Fraser, TV Star, Author, Psychic Medium

Do you believe in psychics and that it is really possible to communicate with departed loved ones? Millions of people do. During this time of pandemic when so many people have died in such a short period of time, I am sure many people find the idea of being able to get in touch with their loved ones who have passed on comforting and have sought consultation with a psychic.

Matt Fraser is a well-known physic, author, and medium. He is the star of the hit E! television series, Meet the Frasers as well as the author of the book When Heaven Calls. He has also appeared on numerous TV shows including Kelly Clarkson and The Real Housewives as well as in many magazines and on the radio. His live shows have sold-out across the country. Currently, while live shows particularly with jam-packed audiences are not an option, Matt, like many others, has taken to Zoom. 

Matt's online events are available at a cost of $19 per device. However, there are a couple of important things to keep in mind. First of all, just because you attend a virtual event does not mean you will get a reading. Even on Zoom, his events are heavily attended, and he does not have time to get to everyone. Second, his events sell-out quickly, and if you are interested in attending an event you should visit his website at meetmattfraser.com and check it out in the near future.

We recently had the opportunity to attend one of his shows and while we did not receive a reading (nor did we request one) and we are undecided about exactly how we feel about the idea of psychics and mediums, he certainly seems authentic. During his readings, he gave people details about their loved ones that he could not possibly know. Besides, the bottom line is this if people find it comforting to consult with and believe in psychics especially during these particularly difficult times than isn't that enough?  While it may be true that some so-called psychic's are just scam artists trying to bilk people out of their money, from what we have seen and at the reasonable prices he is charging, it definitelly doesn't appear that Matt Fraser is one of them. He certainly seems like the real deal. 

And that's our view. For more about Matt Fraser or to sign up for one of his Zoom shows go to meetmattfraser.com.

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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