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Monday, March 29, 2021

More Theater Monday*: Bump

We were given complimentary access to Bump for review puposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: Bump

Where: Available to purchase as an audio play from L.A. Theatre Works  at  latw.org/digital-season

Who: 16 and Up

In 2006, inspired by his daughter's pregnancy, and after watching a video of a cork being removed from a bottle, Jorge Odon invented a device to assist in delivering a baby. His story was turned into the play, Bump. The show premiered Off-Broadway in 2018 and a new audio production of the show by L.A. Theatre Works is now available. L.A. Theatre Works is a leading producer of audio theater actively engaged in producing audio recordings of plays and making them accessible and affordable to individuals and schools.

Bump is quite an interesting story. Surprisingly, at the time of his invention, Jorge was neither a doctor nor a scientist. He was actually an auto mechanic. If you want to know how an auto mechanic came to invent a medical device, you'll have to listen to the show. The show is fairly quick and the whole thing only runs a little over an hour. It focuses not only on Jorge and his invention but also on the experience of pregnancy as a whole through the character of Jorge's daughter and her online support group. The subject is not dealt with in a heavy-handed way, and the show is very funny.  It will bring back memories to anyone who has ever experienced a pregnancy, but it can be enjoyed by anyone whether they've had a baby, experienced a pregnancy secondhand, or even just been a baby themselves.

Other shows available now in L.A. Theatre Works current season include The Thanksgiving Play, Life on Paper, and Extinction. Upcoming plays include No-No Boy and The Murder on the Links. Their vast catalogue also includes production like The Jungle, The Goodbye Girl, The Mountaintop and much more.

For more information or to purchase an audio visit https://latw.org/

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*More Theater Monday is an occasional supplement to our regular Theater Thursday posts.  Additional theater-related posts can also be found in our periodic Still More Theater Saturday posts.

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