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Friday, December 18, 2020

Revitalize your bedroom for those long, lazy weekends

This is a sponsored post. We have been compensated for this post. The views expressed here are not necessarily the views of Says Me Says Mom.

We all like spending time out doing fun activities and going to see shows. But sometimes, it’s nice to spend a relaxing weekend at home, having a lazy lie-in and enjoying breakfast in bed. However, if your bedroom is a little lackluster and shabby, it can be hard to relax in. So, how do you revitalize a bedroom and introduce a bit of sparkle?

Soften the floor

A luxurious floor, bringing warmth and comfort can create the perfect ambiance for a cozy bedroom.
Don’t just choose your floor based on the cheapest carpet prices, go for a floor that’s going to bring
a bit of opulence and a lot of comfort to your bedroom.

If you’re not sure about carpet, go for a rich-toned real wood floor and a few soft rugs for the

Let’s talk about that mattress

No time spent in bed will be relaxing if the bed isn’t comfortable. Is your mattress as comfortable as
it used to be? Check your mattress for signs of aging or wear. If it’s more than six years old, it may
be time for a new mattress.

There are memory foam, pocket-sprung and hybrid versions to choose from and it can be a difficult
choice. Look for companies offering a trial period so you can be sure you’ve got the right one for

Plump up the bed

Make sure your duvet or covers are the right thickness or tog rating for the temperature and time of
year. Just like Goldilocks, you don’t want to be too hot or too cold. During the colder months, you could add chunky throws and extra pillows to give yourself a snug
place to relax.

Bring in more light

Natural light is so important to every room in the house, but we forget about the benefits in our
bedrooms as we see it as a place for night-times.A lazy lie in doesn’t mean lying in the dark. Make sure windows aren’t blocked with trees outside orby heavy curtains inside. Shutters can be a good solution to keeping the light out at night but allowing a full amount of light inside during sunny mornings.

A place to be lazy

What are your favorite lazy day activities? If it’s watching television, install a screen at the opposite
end of the bed. If it’s reading, create a library alcove or reading nook. If you like your coffee, install
a coffee station in your room and give yourself the hotel experience!