I started this blog with one daughter, kept it up with the other, to spend time together doing something we enjoyed.
However, things change and people evolve. My daughters are older, busier, and not as interested in writing.
From now on this blog will be mostly mom with occasional contributions from my daughters and maybe even my husband.
Nothing else will change. We'll still focus on sharing fun places to go, fun things to do, and more, and we would  still love to hear your views too

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Holiday Clean Up with Biz and KidsNPets

This is a sponsored post. We will be compensated for this post. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

Although this year may be a little different and your holiday celebration may not have been as crowded as usual that doesn't mean there isn't any cleaning up to do. There may not be any way to making cleaning up fun, however, there are ways to make it easier. You can start by using Biz and KidsNPets, two great products that make removing stains and odors in your laundry and around your house much easier.

Biz is a powerful stain fighter and detergent booster. It's unique blend of enzymes quickly dissolve stains and get rid of odors. In head to head tests, it's been proven that Biz fights the toughest stains much better than any of the other leading brands. Biz comes in liquid and powder form. It also comes in liquid booster forms that doesn't require any measuring. You just toss one in with your wash. It couldn't be easier!

KidsNPets can also be used as a laundry booster but it does much more than that. This all-purpose cleaner is natural and non-toxic so it's safe to use all over your house just about anywhere your kids and pets can possibly leave a mess.  It both cleans stains and removes odors. 

With Biz and KidsNPets, your home and your family will be looking and smelling cleaner in no time at all. Why would you want to use anything else?