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Monday, December 14, 2020

Let's Talk About Fish

Me - When I was in early elementary school, I had two goldfish. We got them because I was afraid to be alone in my room We used to have a guinea pig who lived in my room but when she died my Dad didn't want to get another guinea pig so I got goldfish.

I really loved my fish. I fed them myself. I was very proud of that. It made me feel grown-up because I was taking care of them. Their names were Wetty and Whitey. My family always thought I was calling them Reddy and White, and they couldn't understand why because neither one of them was red. Wetty was orange. Whitey was white with a spot of orange. 

 I used to think that the reason the water in the tank would get lower was that the fish were drinking the water.  

My fish lived a long time almost a year. I was very sad when they died. I got two more fish but they died right away. I wasn't as upset about that because I didn't get that attached to them. 

My sister had lots of fish because they all kept dying. During the time that I had Wetty and Whitey, she had numerous fish. Once my parents got her a new fish when we were at school. By the time, we got home the fish had died. 

I kind of miss having fish, but at the same time, I don't because they die so quickly.  I would like to have a Beta fish. When I was little I couldn't have a Beta fish. I had to have a goldfish because they were easier to take care of.  I will probably get another fish someday. 

Mom - When I was a kid, we had tropical fish and goldfish in two different tanks. The tropical fish were really pretty. However, overall,  I was not that into the fish. They were pretty boring. They swam. They ate. They died, frequently. You never really had that much time to get attached to the fish because they were always dying and being replaced.

When my stepson was little he had a bunch of goldfish. Those fish lived a long time. He had them for several years. They got really big. Nobody I ever knew had ever had goldfish that got so big or lived so long. He was always changing their names. One week, they would be named after his favorite Pokemon and the next week they would have color names (although none of them was the color that they were named). I think it was because he could never remember what he had named them from one week to the next. A couple of them were black and looked slightly different than the others. He called them his uglies. 

When my stepson's best friend won some fish at a carnival or something, the two boys got the bright idea to put them in the tank with my stepson's fish. That was the end of the fish. His friend's fish turned out to have the fatal fish disease, Ick. All the fish died including my stepson's.

My girls had fish when they were little too. We got them for Aurella because she was afraid to be in her room alone at night so of course if she got them Melia had to have them too. Aurella really loved her fish. Melia's never really lived long enough to get attached to. I don't really remember specifically when we stopped having fish, but I don't miss them.

And that's our view.  Did you ever have a pet fish or would you want to?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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