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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tips for Tuesday: Books: The Girl He Used to Know, Movies: Unbridled

We may have been given advance access for review purposes to the book and/or movie listed below. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

Books: The Girl He Used to Know 

Mom - Today I am recommending The Girl He Used to Know by Tracy Gravis Graves. This is such a heartwarming and enchanting book. Annika who is on the autism spectrum is a different kind of heroine. She is hard to get to know, awkward and shy. Nobody really bothered to get to know her until Jonathan. He is the perfect guy for Annika. He is gentle, sweet and most of all patient. They met in college and slowly became a couple and then something happened and they drifted apart. When they run into each other again years later, Annika still has feelings for him but after the way things ended, she is not sure if things can ever be the same  between them again. Annika is such a sweet heroine. You just want to wrap her up in your arms and take care of her. Jonathan is everything you could want in a boyfriend. He is kind, and considerate and caring. The two of them make the most adorable couple. This book is such a delightful read that you never want it to end.

Movies: Unbridled

Mom - Today I am recommending Unbridled. Unbridled is the story of the healing power of  horse therapy. Sarah has been the victim of human sex trafficking at the hands of her mother's boyfriend. When the police discover what has been happening to Sarah, thanks to a classmate of hers, Sarah is taken to an equine assisted therapy center to keep her safe and help her heal, There she meets other girls in similiar situations and bonds with a horse named Dreamer. While this particular story is not true, the story is based on true situations and equine assisted therapy centers are very really and have helped many people. This move not only shines a light on an important topic, but it has a good story and an admirable heroine. Although Sarah has been a victim, she is no pushover. She shows a lot of inner strentgh throughout the movie and watching her recovery is inspiring. Her bond with the horse, Dreamer, who has also suffered is  really touching.

Unbridled is available now online for rental or purchase as well as on DVD. For more, see https://unbridledmovie.com.

And that's Mom's view. Tune in tomorrow for Where-To-Go Wednesday.

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