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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Museum of the City of New York - Current Exhibits

We were given free tickets to the Museum of the City of New York for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: The Museum of the City of New York

Where: 1220 Fifth Ave
             New York, NY

Who: All ages
Me - The Museum of the City of New York's current exhibits are interesting. There is one on figure skating. That was my favorite. I like skating. They had a skating costume that belonged to Sarah Hughes. I really liked it. It was pretty. There were also hockey skates. There is an exhibit on silver. That one is kind of boring. I don't get the point. There is an exhibit on Art in New York. They only have copies of the art in the exhibit.The actual artwork is located in different places in New York City. Some of the art I had already seen. Some of it was subway art. I have seen a lot of subway art before, and we even took a subway art tour. Even so, it was really cool.  There is also an exhibit about Women's rights that had all different stuff. Some of the stuff included pictures, a magazine with Wonder Woman on the cover. and outfits that had been worn by famous women including Hilary Clinton. There was also audio to listen to and a lot of stuff to read.  All in all, the current exhibits at the Museum of the City of New York are very exciting, and I would highly recommend seeing them before it's too late.
Mom - Just about anyone can find something that will interest them in at least one of the many exhibits currently on display at the Museum of the City of New York. Several of the exhibits are particularly timely. On the heels of this year's winter Olympics, New York on Ice is an entire exhibit devoted to the sport of skating in New York. This exhibit includes the skating costumes of Olympic gold medalists Carol Heiss Jenkins and Sarah Hughes, old hockey skates, and ice show programs among other things. Another exhibit Beyond Suffrage is all about Women's struggle for equal rights. It includes numerous pictures, documents and other artifacts, and even a few articles of clothing from famous women in politics. There are several objects related to Hilary Clinton, such as, banners, supportive letters and notes including one from a young child, and even one of Clinton's famous power suits. Art in the Open is an exhibit regarding the numerous works of art on display out-of-doors throughout the City. It consists of pictures and replicas of famous works of art located around the city including several works of art found in New York City subway stations. Other current exhibits include New York Silver, Then and Now which traces the history of silver in New York and King in New York, an exhibit of pictures of Martin Luther King Jr. in New York City. There are also several permanent exhibits at the museum but we will talk more about them in a different post.
For more information about The Museum of the City of New York visit http://www.mcny.org/
See below for the closing dates of the exhibits mentioned above:

New York on Ice                                April 15, 2018
King in New York                              June 24, 2018
New York Silver, Then and Now       July 1, 2018
Beyond Suffrage                               August 5, 2018
Art in the Open                                 September 23, 2018

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

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