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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Theater Thursday - A Walk in the Woods and The Stone Witch

We were given free tickets to A Walk in the Woods for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: A Walk in the Woods

Where: The Barrow Group Arts Center
             312 W. 36th St, 3rd. Fl.
             New York, NY

Who: Recommended for Ages 16 and up

When: Through April 15, 2018

Mom's view:  Given what is going on in the world today, the Barrow Group's revival of Lee Blessing's, 1987 play, A Walk in the Woods is  very timely. Its plot revolves around a series of meetings in the woods between an American diplomat and a Russian diplomat. In this case both men are part of their respective countries delegations to arms control talks. K. Loren Manning as Honeyman, the guarded American and Martin Van Treuren as Botvinnik, the more free-spirited Russian are terrific and really do a good job inhabiting their characters. The playwright really did a create job in creating these two character. Stereoptypically you would think their characters would be the other way around with the American being more free-spirited and the Russian being more guarded.  Even though the show involves a serious subject,  there is a lot of humor in  the play which keeps it from being bogged down in hopelessness. At times, it can be a bit tedious. However, over all, it is a really well written and well acted play worth seeing.

For more about A Walk in the Woods or to purchase tickets, visit https://www.barrowgroup.org/walk-woods-lee-blessing.
We were given free tickets to The Stone Witch for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: The Stone Witch

Where: Westside Theatre Upstairs
             407 W. 43rd St.
             New York, NY

Who: Recommended for  Ages 16 and up

Mom - The Stone Witch is the story of Simon Grindberg a children's book writer and illustrator haunted by demons who has been unable to produce a book in a number of years. His editor, Clarie Forloni sends a young writer, Peter Chandler to coax it out of him. Peter is a talented writer in his own right who may have to give up his own chance at greatness to help Simon recapture his. The main reason to see this play is Dan Lauria who plays Simon  He always seems to play characters that have it all together like the tough but caring father from the TV series, The Wonder Years . However, here he is in a role that is completely different as the somewhat unstable Simon who can't seem to keep the line between what is real and what is fiction straight. Rupak Ginn does a nice job in the role of Peter the young prodigy. The care for and devotion to Simon that his character develop despite the fact that what's best for Simon may not necessarily be what's  best for Peter is touching. At times, the show can be a bit confusing, but all in all, it is an interesting story and a well acted play.

For more information or to purchase tickets to the Stone Witch, visit https://stonewitchplay.com/

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Funtivity Friday.

Photo credits: All A Walk in the Woods production photos by Edward T. Morris
                       All The Stone Witch production photos by Russ Rowland

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