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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace

What: Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace

Where: 28 E. 20th St.
             New York, NY

Who: Tweens and Up

Me -President Theodore's Roosevelt birthplace was a really fun place to visit. It is now a museum. There were two parts to the museum. Downstairs, they had all these facts and things to read. They also had pictures and  artifacts and a mini movie. The facts, pictures, and artifacts, were very interesting. There was even this machine where you could see different cartoons about Theodore Roosevelt, and it said stuff about him. It was fascinating. Also, it was fun to play with the machine. The movie was not very interesting. It was mostly about how Roosevelt was really sick and weak when he was child, and how he overcame that. To go upstairs, you had to go on a tour. Upstairs were rooms where the Roosevelts lived. Not all of the furniture was actually theirs. Some of it was just furniture from that time period. There was a room with a piano. There was nursery where the little kids would stay. There was a parents' room. The bed in the room was the actual bed where Theodore Roosevelt was born. There was a dining room, and there was a library. I did not know a lot about Theodore Roosevelt before I went to the museum. I just knew he was one of our past Presidents. I learned a lot about him at the museum. It was a very fun place especially if you are interested in history and/or former Presidents.

Mom's view: If you are interested in American history especially Presidential history and particularly if you are interested in President Theodore Roosevelt, you may enjoy a visit to his birthplace. On the lower level of the house is an exhibit gallery loaded with pictures, artifacts and documents about Roosevelt, his life and his legacy. They include a banner from his presidential run, the eyeglass case that saved his life during an assassination attempt, and a collection of political cartoons. On the walls of the museum in addition to pictures there are quotes from Presidents Roosevelt's speeches and interesting bits of trivia about him and his life. You can view an introductory film  about Roosevelt in the gallery. The film runs about a 1/2 hour and play continuously. On the whole, it is not that interesting, and mostly talks about how as a child, he was weak and suffered from asthma, and he was easily bullied, but he gradually built up his strength and endurance and became tougher and able to defend himself and more like the Theodore Roosevelt  we know of today. Upstairs are five historically furnished rooms including a library, a parlor, a dining room, a nursery, and a master bedroom. Some of the furniture actually belonged to the Roosevelt family including the bed where Theodore Roosevelt was born . The rest is from the period of time when the family lived in the house but did not actually belong to them. The upstairs portion of the house is only accessible by tour. Tours are free as is entry to the gallery of exhibits. Guided tours are available hourly from 10-4 Monday through Saturday. Only 18 people are permitted on each tour.  Reservations can and must only be made for group tours of 10 or more. While younger children might enjoy some of the exhibits in the gallery including Roosevelt's Rough Rider uniform and a couple of his namesake teddy bears. I would not recommend the room tour for them as they might not be able to resist the urge to touch things and/or lean against the walls which is not allowed.

For more information go to https://www.nps.gov/thrb/index.htm.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.