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Friday, July 21, 2017

Funtivity Friday: Win a Family Four Pack of Tickets to ENDANGERED! Plus a Look at Some Endangered Species!

Endangered is a new Off Broadway show for kids. It is about endangered animals, and it is the first family-friendly eco-musical. The show was actually commissioned by the Smithsonian Zoo,  and it is now making its New York area debut.  The arrival of the show inspired us to take a closer look at some endangered species and the reasons they are becoming extinct. See directly below for more about the five different types of animals we learned about. For more about Endangered the Musical and/or to enter to win a family four pack of tickets to the show, see the bottom of this post.

1) Sea Otters - Sea otters are endangered due to various reasons. The first reason is water pollution. Another reason is  they are getting stuck in fishing nets. The last reason is they are getting attacked by sharks. One way to help sea otters is to ride a bike or walk sometime instead of using a car. Another way to help sea otters is to not leave garbage or fishing nets in the ocean. Save sea otters! Right below this are some pictures of what sea otters look like.


2) Asian elephants - Asian elephant are endangered because of habitat loss. Also they are being killed for their tusks. Save Asian elephants! Right below are some pictures of Asian elephants.


3) Bonobos - Bonobos are endangered because of humans hunting them. They are also endangered because of habitat loss. Save Bonobos! Right below are some pictures of Bonobos.


4) Red pandas - Red pandas are endangered because they are hunted for their fur. Also, they get caught in traps meant for other animals. Save red pandas! Right below are some pictures of red pandas.

5) Snow leopards - Snow leopard are endangered  because they are being killed by farmers. They are also endangered due to habitat loss. Save snow leopards! Right below are some pictures of snow leopards.


ENDANGERED!  the musical began preview performances at the Davenport Theatre located at 354 W. 45th St., New York on July 10. Opening night is scheduled for Sunday July 23.  Inspiring and fun, ENDANGEREDis a multi-cultural, international, multi-species musical about a social media savvy Kid reporter and a group of famous endangered animals from around the globe, who must survive an unexpected superstorm! Stranded at the zoo when the superstorm hits the city, the Kid and the endangered animals must quickly learn to understand and respect each other, while working together to save themselves. ENDANGERED! has melodies that are renewable, and harmonies that are sustainable, making this groundbreaking eco-musical uplifting and enjoyable for creatures of all ages!  For more about  ENDANGERED! visit endangeredthemusical.com. We will also be talking more about ENDANGERED! in a future post. To win a family four pack of tickets to the show, enter below.

Giveaway Dates 7/21-7/31

Giveaway Open to Ages 18+
Must Live in or be able to travel to New York area to claim prize*
Giveaway is for tickets only
Lodging and transportation not provided

* Tickets are transferable if you cannot use the prize and you know someone who can, you can win it for them. However, if you win you will be required to provide that person's full name and phone number in order for them to be able to redeem the prize.

ARV: $200.00

Photo Credits
photo credit 1: ~ Bob ~ Crunchy Mussels via photopin (license)
photo credit 2: Tambako the Jaguar Elephant drinking inside via photopin (license)hoto 2 - photo credit: MARK-SPOKES.COM Otter Love via photopin (license)
photo credit 3: Dis da fi we (was Hickatee) Dartmoor Otters and Buckfast Butterflies, Buckfastleigh, Devon - April 2017 (explored) via photopin (license)
photo credit 4: Tambako the Jaguar Elephant drinking inside via photopin (license)
photo credit 5: Mibby23 Waking up via photopin (license)
photo credit 6: tontantravel Asian Elephants, Elephas maximus in Khao Yai national park via photopin (license)
photo credit 7: Joachim S. Müller pan paniscus via photopin (license)
photo credit 8: rentmam1 MAMI LASS MICH LOS ICH WILL DIE WELT ERKUNDEN via photopin (license)
photo credit 9: rentmam1 Hab keine Angst Bonobo Kind via photopin (license)
photo credit 10: Mark Dumont 234A3209.jpg via photopin (license)
photo credit 11: Tambako the Jaguar Cute red panda eating II via photopin (license)
photo credit 13: Bradsview Gobi and Tashi - Snow Leopard cubs via photopin (license)
photo credit 14: Cloudtail the Snow Leopard I'm tired via photopin (license)
photo credit 15: Cloudtail the Snow Leopard portrait from a snow leopard cub via photopin (license)
photo credit 16: ENDANGERED! cast photo supplied by the production

Tune in tomorrow for a Saturday Special.


  1. My favorite animal on the endangered list is the elephant. I love elephants!

    1. My daughter love elephants too. Thanks for visiting Says Me Says Mom and for your comment.

  2. Replies
    1. Snow leopards are really beautiful. Thanks for visiting Says Me Says Mom and for your comment.