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Monday, July 17, 2017

Twelve Reasons to Join Show-Score Now!

Show-Score is like Rotten Tomatoes for New York Theater. If you want to see what other theatergoers think of a show, Show-Score is the place to go. Here are twelve other reasons to join Show-Score now:

1) Show-Score covers all New York  Theater including Broadway, Off Broadway, Off Off Broadway, festivals, limited runs and more.

2) You don't have to write long wordy reviews, the review format is very simple.

3) If you rate at least 6 shows you become eligible for member nights where you can see Off  Broadway and Off Off Broadway shows for only $5.

4) Show-Score has theater socials where you can see a show usually for a discounted price and even meet other people who are interested in the theater or that particular show as well. 

5) Show-Score usually has one or more social for just about every Broadway show.

6) You can also find out about other sources for theater discounts through Show-Score.

7) Show-Score often has giveaways for theater tickets and/or other theater related products. They have even given away Hamilton tickets as well as other products related to the show.

8) Show-Score also offers other theater related events like tours, lectures, and socials.

9) You can find and follow fellow theater goers on Show-Score

10)  You can also follow well known performers and/or other people who work in the theater so you will know when they are working on a new show.

11) You can read theater related articles and/or take theater related quizzes on Show-Score.

12) It's free to join Show-Score!

For more about Show-Score or to join now visit www.show-score.com

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

photo credit: Tim Green aka atoach Tragedy and Comedy via photopin (license)