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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Theater Thursday- Hello Dolly

What: Hello Dolly

Where: 225 W. 24th St.
            New York, NY

Who: Ages 10 and up
Me -  Hello Dolly was a very good show. I never saw the movie, but I enjoyed the show very much. I liked everything about it.  It was funny. The story was interesting. I really liked the songs too. I did not have a favorite song. I liked most of them. The acting was good too. Gavin Creel who won a Tony for Featured Actor in a Musical totally deserved it because he was really good. The singing was good in the show too.  I didn't  see the show with Bette Midler in it. I saw it with Donna Murphy in it. The show didn't lose anything without Bette Midler because it was still a great show. Donna Murphy was amazing as Dolly!!! She is a talented singer. I like her voice as much as I like Bette Midler's on the CD. Her acting was wonderful too. All the voices in the show were beautiful. All of the other people were really great in it too. The sets were very big. It was surprising because musicals don't usually have big sets because they move a lot. The costumes were nice. They were pretty. I did not see the other shows that were up for best revival of a musical, but I definitely think that Hello Dolly was worthy of the award. Over all, it was a fantastic show!
Mom - Hello Dolly is an old fashioned musical in the best sense of the term. It is lighthearted, entertaining and fun. It has a good story. It is full of wonderful songs including both boisterous upbeat numbers and tender ballads. It has lively dances. It has colorful costumes and massive sets. The current version of the show now running at the Shubert Theater is best known for the fact that it stars Bette Midler who recently won a Tony for her performance as Dolly in the production. Although, Ms. Midler actually appeared on Broadway in her younger days, she is much better known for her numerous movie roles. However, there is so much more to the show than its famous star. There is a whole cast of other talented actors backing up Ms. Midler many of them Tony nominated as well for their roles in this show including David Hyde Pierce, Kate Baldwin  and Gavin Creel. Mr. Creel actually won a Tony for his role as Cornelius Hackel in this show. The show is filled with great acting, beautiful singing and terrific dancing. It is so good that even when Ms. Midler misses a performances, it is still worth seeing. The actress who fills in for Ms. Midler on Tuesday nights and when she is on vacation is no unknown ingenue. Donna Murphy is a two time Tony winning actress herself. Seeing Ms. Murphy in the role is definitely not a disappointment. She is no pale imitation of Ms. Midler. She is just as wonderful in the role, and she has a lovely singing voice. Whether you are able to attend the show when Ms Midler is playing Dolly or when Ms. Murphy is playing Dolly, it is definitely worth seeing.

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