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From now on this blog will be mostly mom with occasional contributions from my daughters and maybe even my husband.
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Monday, February 8, 2016

Let's Talk About The Super Bowl

Me- All I know about this year's Super Bowl is that Carolina and Denver were in it. I don't understand why they call it the Super Bowl. That is something I have always wondered . I don't usually watch the Super Bowl. I have never actually watched the whole thing, but I have seen some of it. My favorite part is half-time but only if I like the performer. Otherwise, my favorite part is the commercials. I don't really like the game because I don't like football at all. I think it is boring. On Animal Planet, they have the Puppy Bowl opposite the Super Bowl. They are both pretty boring, but at least the Puppy Bowl has cute puppies and kittens you can look at.. They also have a lot of commercials with animals too. I think the only good thing I can think of about the Super Bowl is that so many people are home or somewhere else watching it that if you go out during the game there is not a lot of traffic. Over all, I think that the Super Bowl is pretty boring, and I wouldn't waste my time watching it.*

*This is guest post by younger sister, Aurella.

Mom - I don't care too much about the Super Bowl. I usually know who is playing in the Super Bowl but I don't care too much about it or watch the game. When I think about the Super Bowl, I think mostly about the half time shows and the commercials. I only care about the Super Bowl if I care about who is playing at the half-time show. This year, I didn't even watch the half-time show because we were out. I didn't really care anyway. I am not that much into Coldplay. I liked when Katy Perry played the half-time show last year. The only Super Bowl that really sticks out in my mind is Super Bowl XXV in 1991. Whitney Houston sang the national anthem that year and it was about the best I have ever heard the anthem sung. The game was pretty excited too even for a non football fan like me. One of our local teams was in it so a lot of people I know who are sports fans and especially football fans were very happy. Also, the game itself was actually pretty exciting and was decided by 1 point. In general, most Super Bowls seems to be decided by very lopsided scores where one team totally blows out another. That is one thing that makes them so boring. In Super Bowl XXV, the half-time performers were New Kids on the Block. I didn't care  and still don't care about New Kids on the Block so that was probably the only time I actually watched the Super Bowl when I didn't care about the half-time perfomers at all.  In general, I  usually think about Super Bowl Sunday as a great time to go to a restaurant without a bar and a TV. So far, I have never actually gone to a restaurant like that during a Super Bowl though. Even if I am not watching the game at all even the half-time show, I have always been busy doing other things.

And that's our view. What do you like or dislike about the Super Bowl.

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