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Monday, February 1, 2016

Princess Diana vs. Kate Middleton

Me -Princess Diana vs. Kate Middleton, wow! I like Kate Middleton better than Princess Diana. She is prettier. I know her better because she is still alive and Princess Diana died before I was born. I am so excited that Kate's had a baby girl last year! I love Kate. She is so pretty. Everybody says that Princess Diana is so pretty. I don't think she is. No offense to her, of course. My Mom thinks that Princess Diana was very stylish. I think Kate is very stylish. At Princess Diana's wedding neither she nor her husband smiled at all. At Kate Middleton's wedding, you could tell how happy she and William were to be together. I was Princess Diana in the school wax museum we had in fifth grade. I really wanted to be Kate, but she was already taken. The day of the wax museum, not to brag, I looked really pretty. I was all dressed up and had my hair up, and I wore a tiara. The best thing about Princess Diana is that she had Prince William, and he grew up and married Kate Middleton
Mom - Princess Diana and Kate Middleton are two of the most well known and well loved woman in history. They are also two of the most stylish. They always always look good.  Princess Diana, however, did not look as stylish before she became a princess as after. There was that infamous incident where she wore the see thru skirt without a slip for one thing. Kate has always looked stylish.  Even though I loved the way Princess Diana dressed, I never thought she was all that beautiful although some people might think differently,  Kate, however, is very pretty. I also think that Prince William is way better looking than Prince Charles as well. Kate and William's marriage also seems to be much more secure than Diana and Charles' ever was. Right from the beginning, you could see how much in love Kate and William were. They are always smiling at each other and laughing together. Even at their wedding, they were always looking at each other and smiling. I don't ever remember Charles and Diana looking that happy together. Kate also seems to be much more comfortable in her own skin and within the royal family than Diana ever was. Diana seemed much happier and much more comfortable dealing with the common people and working for her various humanitarian causes. Kate seems comfortable in every situation. She fits in with the royals as well as commoners. I think that Diana would have been very proud of her son's choice of a wife. I think she would have been proudest and happiest of all to know that, unlike herself and Charles, William and Kate truly married for all the right reasons chief among them their love for one another.

And that's our view. Who is your favorite Diana or Kate?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

photo credits
photo credi 1: Diana's 1st night ff via photopin (license)
photo credit 2: Trooping the colour - Kate via photopin (license)
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photo credit 4: Royal Wedding of William and Catherine Duke & Duchess of Cambridge via photopin (license)

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