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Monday, February 29, 2016

Monthly Mash-up February, 2016 - Me: Favorite TV Shows and Mom: Leonardo Di Caprio's Best Actor Win

Me - My topic for this month is my favorite TV shows. They are Full House, Glee, Friends, and Nashville. Full House and Friends are so funny. Full House has the most incredible family of all time. It is one of my biggest dreams to have a family like that when I'm older. I have always wanted to be part of big family that all lives in one house  and that is really close. If the Tanners are my dream family, the group of Friends  in Friends is my dream group of friends. I would love to have a group of Friends like that when I grow up. Nashville has so much drama and suspense. It always leaves me wanting more. Glee had Rachel and Finn. the best TV couple ever. Do I even need to say more? It also had great songs sung by amazing singers. It was funny too. That's why these are my favorite shows.

Mom - My topic for this month was going to be the Oscars. However, overall, I thought they were pretty boring so instead I am going to focus on Leonardo Di Caprio's win of the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in the Revenant. People have made such a big deal out of Leonardo finally winning an Oscar after  4 previous Academy Award nominations for Best Actor. However, five nominations without a win is nothing compared to the amount of nominations others have received for awards they never won.  Peter O'Toole was nominated 8 times for an Oscar and never won. Richard Burton was nominated 7 times for an Oscar and never won. Glenn Close was nominated 6 times for an Oscar and never won. Numerous Broadway actors have been nominated for  a Tony Award at least five times and never won. Kelli O'Hara just won her first Tony this past June after five previous nominations. Katy Perry was nominated for a Grammy 13 times, Martina McBride was nominated for a Grammy 14 times. Snoop Dogg was nominated 16 times. None of them ever won. There are numerous other singers who were nominated for a Grammy between 11 and 15 times who never won. However, all of that is nothing compared to actress Susan Lucci who was nominated something like 18 or 19 times in a row before she finally won a Daytime Emmy for Best Actress in 1999. Now that is a long wait!

And that's our view. What's on your mind? Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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