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Friday, July 10, 2015

Funtivity Friday - Fun Games to Play in The Pool

Here are some good ways to have fun and cool off in the pool.

1)  Underwater Tea Party - Everyone goes underwater and says something. Then, everyone resurfaces and tells what they said.

2) Pool Races- There are so many variations of pool races you can do. You can race over water or underwater. You can race  different distances. You can race using different swimming strokes. You can have relay races.

3) The Fish Game - One person pretends to be a fish. The other person catches the fish. The fish has a strange personality. It can be a crazy fish or  a talkative fish or whatever. The person who caught the fish throws it back. The game starts all over again. If you want, you can take turns being the fisherman and the fish.

4) The Polar Bear Game - This is an especially fun game for little kids because you don't have to be in deep water. Basically, you just pretend to be Polar Bears. You can even combine the Polar bear game with the fish game by pretending to be be Polar bears fishing for something to eat.

5-  Retrieval Games - Throw objects down to the bottom of the pool, and then retrieve them. While they do sell official games like this, it may be possible to find objects around your house that you can use for free.

6-  Swimnastics - Somersaults, handstands, walking on your hands and any other gymnastics you can do in the pool.

7- Marco Polo - This game is pretty well known. However,  in case you haven't heard of it, one person closes his or her eyes and says Marco and all the other people say Polo. The person with his or her eyes closed has to find one of the people saying Polo just by the sound of their voice. If they catch somebody, that person becomes Marco.

8- Diving Board Games - If your pool has a diving board, you can play a game where you pretend to be different characters falling or jumping off the diving board. Each time you jump you set up a different scenario.

9- Games With Pool Noodles - You can try to make a bunch of pool noodles into a raft. You can pretend a bunch of pool noodles is a water bed, You can pretend one pool noodle is a horse. There are are so many games you can play with pool noodles.

10- Pool Ball - Pool ball consists of just basically throwing around a beach ball in the pool, You can either play the game with all the participants actually in the pool or with some of the participants in the pool and some out of the pool.


Tune in Sunday for the Sunday Scoop.

photo credit: DSC_0433 via photopin (license)


  1. I like all the fun ideas to do in the pool with my kids. I do not have a pool, but my friend does and I will have to try the Swimnastics, and retrieval games. Those are so much fun!

    1. Thanks for visiting Says Me Says Mom and for your comment.

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