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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Princess Phooey

 We were given ticket to a performance of Princess Phooey for review purposes. Any and all opinions expresssed here are our own.

Me - Princess Phooey was a good show. I liked how they incorporated the other princess stories. I liked the characters. My favorite was  Princess Ermengarde. She was Princess Phooey. She was not like a regular princess. She wanted to be like the maids and clean, and she also wanted to be like the stable boys and run around and fight. She didn't want to be all princessy and fancy and curtsy. I also liked the maid that wanted to be Princess Ermengarde's friend. Her name was Dot. She was nice. I didn't like the Blue Fairy. She was bossy and she tried to place a curse on Ermengarde. Ermengarde's sister was really princessy. I didn't like her at first but in the end I did. I liked the songs and the dances. My favorite song was Dancing the Castle Clean. The kids who were in the show were very good. They were very talented.  It was a super duper show.*

 The above is a guest post by little sister, Aurella.

Mom-Princess Phooey contains elements of several other princess stories. There is a princess locked in a tower like in Rapunzel. There is a princess who is forced to work like a maid and clean like in Cinderella. There is a princess hiding out in a forest and seven men who find her like in Snow White. In this story all of these things happen to one princess - Princess Ermengarde. However, these elements are where the similarities end. Princess Ermengarde is not a princess wasting away in a tower waiting for her prince. She is not forced to work cleaning the castle. She enjoys working alongside the maids. She is not waiting in the forest for a prince to rescure her. She would rather fight with the boys. This a princess who does not wait for things to happen to her. She makes things happen. She does not just go along with what is expected of her. She stands up for herself and for what she believes and she takes control of her own life. Every little girl should get to know this princess. She is a good role model.

And that's our view. What do think of  a princess like Ermengarde?

Tune in tomorrow for Funtivity Friday.

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