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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Camden Riverharks

Me - Camden Riversharks, wow! We went to the Camden Riversharks. They are an independent league baseball team. Their stadium is called Campbell's Field. They have statutes of the Campbell kids and a Campbell soup can outside the stadium. Me and my sister took pictures near it. I sat on top of the can in my picture. She stood behind it so it looked like she was coming out of the can. The have a  beautiful view of this pretty bridge behind their stadium. It is even prettier at night when the lights are on. The stadium is right next to Adventure Aquarium in Camden. The first time we went to a Riversharks game, we went to the Aquarium the day before. The second time we went there we slept over at the stadium. We have been back a few times since, and we even got to sleep over again.
Mom - We have now been to several Camden Rivershark baseball games and enjoyed them all. At first when we went, we had no idea what to expect, but we really had a nice time. You wouldn't expect such as beautiful stadium in the middle of Camden, New Jersey, but Campbell's field is just that. The view of the stadium from the outside is nice, but the view from inside the stadium is even better. I have been to over twenty baseball stadiums in my life and the view of the Ben Franklin Bridge from Campbell's Field is second only to the view of the Rocky Mountains from Coors Field in Denver. It is especially beautiful at night when the bridge is all lit up. The location of the stadium is really great too as it down by the water literally right next to Adventure Aquarium and not far from the Battleship, New Jersey. As always, my girls love the mascot,  who in this case is a shark named Finley. Campell's field is the only place that I have been where hearing the term "Shark Attack" is actually a good thing.
And that's our view. What stadium do you think has the best view and why?

Tune in tomorrow for Funtivity Friday.

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