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Friday, July 31, 2015

Funtivity Friday - Fun Places to Have a Picnic

Here are some great places to have a picnic. Some of them are good places to have picnics even when the weather is not so nice.

1) The Park - It is nice to have a picnic in the park on a nice sunny day.

2) Your own front or backyard - If you can't get to the park, right outside your own home is a nice alternative

3) In your house - When the weather is not so nice, you can spread out a blanket on your floor and picnic inside.

4)  In your car - if your going somewhere and you don't have a place to eat or you don't want to spend money to eat out and/or the weather is not nice enough to eat outside, you can always have a picnic in your car.

5)  Amusement Parks and other places - Some amusement parks and other facilities have picnic areas that you can use. However, you cannot usually just go there to picnic if you are not visiting the amusement park or other facility.

6) In bed - you can even have a picnic in your own bed, just spread an extra blanket or sheet over the top and remove it carefully when you finish if you don't want to get crumbs in your bed.


Tune in Sunday for this week's Sunday Scoop.

photo credit: 4th of July Celebration via photopin (license)

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