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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Arm and Hammer Park

We were not financially compensated for this post. We received free tickets to a Trenton Thunder game at Arm and Hammer Park. The opinions expressed here are own based on our experience at the game.

What: Trenton Thunder

Where: Arm and Hammer Park
           One Thunder Road
           Trenton, New Jersey

Who: All ages

Our view: Minor League baseball is still one of the most affordable entertainment options around as long as you keep the snacking and souvenir buying under control. Even parking is usually only about 3 to 5 dollars. We have been to a bunch of minor and independent league stadiums and Arm Hammer Park is one of the nicest. From the statute of Samuel J. Plumeri and two young baseball fans out in front to the Delaware River behind, there are a lot of nice touches to the stadium . While the major league ballpark in San Francisco is also built by the water, that stadium opened in 2000 while the Thunder's stadium which was then called Waterfront Park opened in 1994. As the team is an affiliate of the New York Yankees, arguably the most well know team in sports, you never know what big league stars you may see on a rehab assignment here. Even when they aren't any players from the major league roster in town, Thunder games are always entertaining.  The team is almost always a contender, and in fact, they are currently the defending champions in baseball's Eastern league. If you are not so in to baseball, you can still have fun here. There are more between inning games and contests than at any other stadium we have been to. The games and contests are always entertaining whether you are a participant in them or just a spectator. Another fun thing about Thunder games is the opportunity to see the popular bat dogs. Currently, there are two bat dogs Derby and Rookie. Derby  is the son of the original bat dog, Chase. His son, Rookie just started training as a bat dog this year. If you are interested in seeing the dogs, get there early, they don't work every game or every inning, and if they are going to be working that day, it is usually early in the game. There is also a kids play area and a picnic area in the stadium as in most stadiums. All in all, Arm and Hammer Park and the Trenton Thunder are a lot of fun to visit and see. For more about the Thunder or to order tickets to a game  go to http://www.milb.com/index.jsp?sid=t567

And that's our view.

Tune in to tomorrow's Talking Topics where we will be talking more about Arm and Hammer Park and the Trenton Thunder.

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