Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Special - All Star Father : The New York Mets Daniel Murphy

For us, it is not enough that someone is a talented athlete on the field, we care about the kind of person they are off the field as well. We want to root for players who are good people, players who are good to their teammates, good to their fans and most importantly good to their families. Daniel Murphy is that kind of player. Even though professional players often have to miss a lot of important events in their family's lives, Daniel Murphy was not about to miss the birth of his first child. In fact, he missed the first two games of the season so he could stay home with his wife for the birth of his child. A lot of the members of the press gave him a hard time for that. However, we think that it is admirable. We like a player that puts family first, and that is why we are voting for Daniel Murphy as the starting second baseman in the National League in baseball's all-star game. However, that is not the only reason we are voting for him. He is also off to the best start of his professional career including being tied for the National League lead in hits. Thus, it is the combination of his talent on the field and the kind of person he is off the field that makes us want to see Daniel Murphy in the All-Star game. In our minds, he is an all-star in every sense of the word.

To see Daniel Murphy talk about his experiences as a new father go to this link:

To see Daniel Murphy when he had the honor of speaking at the White House at a  forum for working fathers go to this link:

To vote for Daniel Murphy to play in Major League Baseball's All-Star Game go to this link: 

You can vote up to 30 times on-line.

All fans who select the Mets as their favorite or second favorite team will get a 50% off ticket offer after they vote. 

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