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Monday, August 20, 2012

Glee Project 2

Me - The Glee Project 2, wow! There was no Damian, by that I mean there was no one like Damian, one of last year's winners. The person I wanted to win did not, and this year there was only one winner. I wanted Ally to win. The person who did win was Blake. My Mom and I thought that he shouldn't have won because he was too normal for Glee. He could get a part anywhere. The other one in the finals was Aylin. I would have liked her to win too. I didn't think Blake should win because he was the most normal of anyone in the competition so he could get a part anywhere. Allie was in a wheelchair and Aylin was a Muslim so they couldn't. All the finalists were good though. There were a lot interesting contestants this year. There was a blind guy named Mario. There was guy named Tyler who used to be a girl. There was a girl who dressed like a guy and looked like Justin Bieber named Danni. Even though I liked this year of the Glee project, I thought last year was way better especially because it had Damian.

Mom - I once again enjoyed watching The Glee Project this year. In fact, I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed the show Glee this past year. I liked the music for the most part this past season, but otherwise, the season was very up and down and nowhere near Glee at its best. Right now, I feel like if Glee ends after this season, I will be more upset that there will be no more Glee Project next summer than that there will be no more Glee. Other people, have told me they feel the same way too. Once again, this summer an amazingly talented group of people competed on The Glee Project. None of them really stood out for me as much as Damian did last year. There were people who were as talented as him if not more. However, there was nobody who even came to close to his great personality. Also, I must say I was disappointed in the season ending. While the winner, Blake is very talented. I felt like he could be a star anywhere. The other two finalists Ally and Aylin were more of what Glee is all about. Ally because of being in a wheelchair and Aylin because of being a Muslim have less opportunities open to the elsewhere than Blake would. Therefore, I felt like they needed to win more. At the very least, I thought they all could have won. I think that because last year there were 4 winners, this year there had to be 1 winner no matter what even though all three finalists were deserving of it. It was fine last year that Sam and Damian both won at least seven episodes each, but they should have left it at that with only two winners. They should not have let Alex and Lindsay each have two episodes as well. This year, however, they should have had three winners because they were all equally deserving. So while I enjoyed watching The Glee Project this season, I was not as happy about the final results as I mostly was last year.

And that's our view. Did you watch The Glee Project 2, and if so who was your favorite contestant?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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