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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

What-To- Wednesday - Virtual Trivia Nights with On Location Tours

 We were given complimentary tickets to an On Location Tours virtual trivia night for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: Virtual Trivia Nights

Where: Online Through Zoom and Kahoots with On Location Tours

Who: All ages

In addition to live and virtual tours, On Location Tours also offers virtual trivia nights. We recently had the opportunity to participate in one of their Friends trivia nights, and it was exciting, fun, and fast paced Although one of us is a Friends fanatic and the other enjoyed the show but doesn't remember that much about it, we both had an equally good time participating in the trivia night. The questions range from fairly easy to so hard that sometimes even fanatics of the show might not remember the answer. However, all of the questions are multiple-choice so even if you have no idea of the answer you still have a chance to get it right. 

There is more to On Location trivia night than just trivia. There are also extras like clips from the show, bloopers, a theme song sing-along, and more. There may even be an actual reward at the end of the night if you are lucky enough to win the whole game. The winner receives an On Location Tours prize package. However, since neither of us was lucky enough to win our game, we don't know what the prize package includes.

Other trivia nights offered by On Location Tours include a Seinfeld trivia night, a Sopranos trivia night, a Golden Girls trivia night, and more. There is even a TCM trivia night. On Location tours does not offer trivia nights every night of the week nor is there a regular night of the week when they always have them. Also, only one virtual trivia game is offered per trivia night.  Accordingly, you should check their trivia night calendar to find out when they are having a trivia night that interests you. For more information or to book your trivia night, visit onlocationtours.com/virtual-trivia-night

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.

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