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Monday, February 22, 2021

Cute Movie Couples

This is the fourth and final post in our series regarding cute couples in various forms of entertainment. Today we are talking about cute couples in movies. This list is a representative list of cute movie couples in different types of movies and not a comprehensive list.

Cute Couples in Musicals - The Sound of Music's Captain Von Trapp & Maria  - The fact that this movie is based on a true story only makes them that much more romantic. Other couples we love in this genre include Little Shop of Horror's Audrey and Seymour and Hairspray's Link and Tracy. Note that many of the couples in this genre started off as stage couples, as do all of the ones listed here. They are generally equally as adorable in their stage and movie versions. Off the top of our heads, we cannot think of cute musical couple from a movie that was not originally a show although we know there are some out there.

Cute Couples in Comedies - The Wedding Singer's Robbie  & Julia - When the friendship is that cute, you just know the payoff is going to be great when they finally get together. Other couples we love in this genre include When Harry Met Sally's Harry & Sally and Pretty Women's Edward & Vivian. This category is the opposite of the previous category in that many of these movies are now being made into stage musicals including the aforementioned The Wedding Singer and Pretty Woman. We wonder how long it will be before there is a When Harry Met Sally stage musical.

Cute Couples in Dramatic Movies - Dirty Dancing's Baby & Johnny - The romance between these two is so sweet that a large number of people returned to see the movie again and again even when they had to pay to do so in a movie theater. Other cute couples in this genre include Ghost's Sam & Molly and all of the couples in Love Actually. Many cute couples in this genre were originally book couples and/or are now stage couples as well. 

Cute Couples in Action Movies - Romancing the Stone's Jack & Joan - Seeing couples like this that constantly face danger together only adds to the thrill of the romance and makes the movie infinitely more interesting to people like us who generally aren't big action movie fans. Other couples we enjoy in this genre include True Lies Harry & Helen and Foul Play's Tony and Gloria.

Cute Couples in Animated Movies - Lady and The Tramp's Lady & the Tramp - They may not be human but there are still adorable. Disney movies especially their princesses movies are full of cute animated couples. Other cute non-Disney animated movie couples include Anastasia's Dmitry & Anya and Shrek's Shrek & Fiona.

And that's our view. Who are your favorite movie couples?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.