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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Tips for Tuesday - Books: A Pleasant Rivalry CD: Thank You, Mister Rogers Music & Memories

We may have been given a complimentary copy of one of the books and/or other products listed below for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

Books: A Pleasant Rivalry

Mom - Today I am recommending A Pleasant Rivalry, the third book in the Willow Valley Historical Romance series, by Linda Weaver Clarke. When Angelica's old school friend, Simon returns  to town to take over his father's business, the pair find themselves working for rival newspapers.  Despite this they find themselves collaborating  to solve the mystery of who has been setting a series of fires, and the more they work together the more old crushes begin to surface. This is another delightful romance by Linda Weaver Clarke. Angelica Davis is her fiestiest heroine yet, and she and Simon Morgan might just be the series most well matched pair yet. The book is full of appearances from characters in the first two books in the series which feel like visits from old friends. All in all, A Pleasant Rivalry is a very pleasant read. For more about the first book in the series, One Last Dance, see our previous post Tips for Tuesday - Books: One Last Dance. For more about the second book in the series,  Angel's Serenade, see our previous post. Tips for Tuesday - Books: Angel's . Serenade. Watch for a giveaway of One Last Dance coming soon.

CD: Thank You, Mister  Roger's Music & Memories

Mom -Today I am recommending Thank You, Mister Rogers Music & Memories. This is a compilation of Fred Rogers greatest hits sung by a wide range of popular artists from various decades including Mickey Dolenz, Vanessa Williams, and Kellie Pickler.  This sweetly nostalgic CD is great whether you want music to soothe your baby to sleep, songs that your toddler can learn from, or you just want music to remind you of your own childhood. The Cowsills tender rendering of Mister Rogers most famous song Won't You Be My Neighbor is a highlight and is doubly nostalgic since The Cowsills were the real-life models for TV's Patridge Family.  Another highlight is Thank You for Being You, the final and only original song on the CD, a tribute to Mister Rogers himself. Whether you are familiar with Mister Rogers music yourself or not, if you are looking for some gentle quiet family friendly music, this CD is a great choice. Watch for a giveaway of this CD coming up soon.

And that's Mom's view. Tune in tomorrow for Where-To-Go Wednesday.

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