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Monday, October 29, 2018

A More Theater Monday Monthly Mashup for October, 2018 Kinky Boot and Festival of New Musicals


Me - My topic for this month is Kinky Boots. It's a really good show. It's about a guy whose family is in the shoe business. He doesn't want to go into the business, but when his father dies he is forced to come back and save the business. I recently saw it for the first time. I love the music. I had already heard the music because we got it when my Mom and my sister saw the show a few years ago, and we've been listening to it since then. There are a lot of good songs including The History of Wrong Guys, Everybody Say Yeah, Soul of a Man, Not My Father's Son and Raise You Up/Just Be and a lot more. Popstar, Cyndi Lauper wrote the music for the show. When I saw the show Mark Ballas from Dancing with the Stars was in it. He was good. It was cool to get to see him live on stage. Afterwards, we got to talk to him and get his autograph at the stagedoor. He was nice. The other people were really nice too. I love theater people they are usually always really nice. Shortly before we saw the show, it was announced that the show will be closing in April so I was really excited to be able to see it before it closed. I would recommend going to see it before it closes because it's a highly enjoyable show.

Mom - My topic for this month is The National Alliance for Musical Theatre 's Festival  of New Musicals. I recently got to attend the 30th annual festival. This is a two day festival in which 8 new musicals are chosen to be presented in front of an audience mostly of industry professionals. An approximately 45 minute portion of each musical is presented once each of the two days of the festival. The idea is to hopefully get people interested in taking these shows further. A number of shows from past festivals have gone on to full Broadway or Off Broadway productions including Thoroughly Modern Millie, Come From Away, Ordinary Days, and The Prom. In fact, The Prom was part of the festival only last year (although then it was called Prom Queen). Although I cannot speak specifically about the shows that were presented this year since they are still in development (I also was only able to attend half of the shows since I only attended the for one day. The shows run two at a time so to see them all you really have to attend both days), I can say that I was priviledged to be able to see some wonderful shows that I hope to be able to see in full productions of  some day. There were really meaningful topical shows, and highly comical historical based shows, and shows based on familiar movies among other things. I really enjoyed many of the songs as well. The other great thing about the festival is the opportunity to see the talented performers who appear in the shows. Many of  them are cast members of current Broadway shows or were recently cast members of Broadway shows. This year's roster included Caissie Levy, currently Elsa in Frozen; Hailey Kilgore; currently Ti Moune in Once on This Island, and Alex Boniello, currently Connor in Dear Evan Hansen. All in all, it was an honor to be able to get a glimpses of so many interesting and entertaining new shows in development and to have the opportunity to see so many talented actors performing on stage. I hope to have the opportunity to attend the festival next year, and I can't wait to see what shows will be a part of next year's slate.

For more about the National Alliance of Musical Theater and their Festival of New Musical's visit https://namt.org/.

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