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From now on this blog will be mostly mom with occasional contributions from my daughters and maybe even my husband.
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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Where-To-Go Wednesday - Fashion to the Extreme

What: Fashion to the Extreme

Where: Museum at FIT
            227 W. 27th Street
            New York, NY

When: Now through January 6, 2018

Who: Tweens and Up           
Me - Fashion to the Extreme at the Museum at  FIT was fascinating.They had all kinds of fashions related to cold weather and the sea and space. There was a really pretty pink dress made out of wetsuit material. There was a pretty blue and purple striped jacket for the cold weather. There were some dresses that looked like tin foil. There were very furry outfits that looked like they were for very cold weather. There was  a blue sequined jacket. It had so many sequins. There was this dress that was okay but at the bottom there was this thing sticking out that I didn't like. It was ugly. There was a really sparkly dress that was gray with a little bit of black and gold. There were some safari themed outfits. It was an interesting exhibit.
Mom - Fashion to the Extreme is both an exhibit of clothing made for extreme weather and/or locations and an exhibit of clothing inspired by extreme weather and/or locations. There are heavy fur garments made for exploring frozen territories along with everday winter coats inspired by them. There are wetsuits along with dresses made from wetsuit material. There are four main sections of the exhibit: a section of clothing for or inspired by the arctic, a section of clothing for or expired by underwater exploration, a section of clothing for or expired by space exploration and a smaller section of clothing for or inspired by jungle safaris. Although the exhibit space is small quite a lot is packed into that small space. The amount of time it will take to go through the exhibit depends on how carefully you want to observe each garment and whether or not you want to read all the written information that describes it and/or view the short film about the exhibit that accompanies it. In any case, it should not take more than an hour or so to go through the whole exhibit even if you choose to do so at a slower pace.The exhibit is completely free and open to all ages. However, it is probably not something that would interest younger children unless they are particularly interested in fashion.
For more information visit www.fitnyc.edu/museum/exhibitions/expedition.php.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Theater Thursday.


  1. Extreme fashion is certainly extreme! I like the abominable snowman outfits!

    1. Yes, some of the outfits are really kind of crazy. Thanks for visiting Says Me Says Mom and for your comment.