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Monday, December 18, 2017

More Theater Monday - It Shoulda Been You

We were given tickets to It Shoulda Been You for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: It Shoulda Been You

Where: Gallery Players
             199 14th St.
             Brooklyn, New York

This show is already closed

Me- A lot of shows are very predictable. It Shoulda Be You is definitely not one of those shows. It seemed liked it was going to just be a show about a girl whose sister is getting married. However, there were surprising twists in the story. It was nice to see such a surprising show. I liked the music too. One of the songs I especially liked was the title song. It was kind of funny. The acting was good. The singing was nice. The costumes were pretty. The wedding dresses in the show were especially pretty and also the purple bridesmaid dresses. It was funny the way this guy in the show was always spreading sparkles around. He was the guy who worked for the hotel and was running the wedding. People who liked shows with surprising twists or anyone who's every been to a crazy wedding would like the show.

Mom - It Shoulda Been You is a show that ran on Broadway for several months in 2015 and starred Tyne Daly among others. The plot revolves around the wedding of Rebecca Steinberg to Brian Howard. However, if you think this is just the simple story of the antics of two families trying to pull off the perfect wedding, you would be wrong. There are some surprising twists in this show. There are also a bunch of funny characters and some enjoyable songs. It is definitely a show that anyone who has ever had a wedding, planned a wedding or even been to a wedding can relate to. Gallery Players' recently concluded production of this show was a delight. It was our first opportunity to see a Gallery Players show, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was sweet, funny, and well-acted. Christine De Frece was particularly good in the central role of Jenny Steinberg. She made a very relatable heroine as the put upon older sister who finally gets her own day in the sun. The singing voices were pretty. The dances were fun. The costumes were beautiful especially the bridal attire. All in all, it was a very engaging show put on by a talented group of actors and we hope to have the opportunity to see more of their shows.

The Galley Player next show will be A New Brain which will run from January 27 through February 18. For more information about that show or to purchase tickets to the show, visit galleryplayers.com/news/a-new-brain/.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.