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Monday, November 28, 2016

Monthly Mash-up November, 2016 School of Rock and Roebling and the Brooklyn Bridge

Me - My topic for this month is School of Rock the Musical. School of Rock is a really good show. It is based on the movie of the same name. It's about a man named Dewey Finn. He used to be in a rock band, but they kicked him out. He pretends to be a substitute teachers and then, he forms a band with the class because he wants to compete at the Battle of the Bands. I like the story and the music. I love all the songs. I listen to them all the time. I like the characters except for one named Patti who is annoying. Patti is Dewey's friend's girlfriend, and she hates Dewey. My favorite character is Katie. Katie is the bass player. The dancing in the show is basically just jumping around but it looks fun. It's really cool because the kids in the show all really play the instruments they play in the show. They are really talented. I saw the show with most of the original cast. However, recently they changed a lot of the people in the cast including a lot of the kids and the guy who plays Dewey. I am glad I saw it with most of the original cast because they were really good. The show is by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I never saw any of his other show's, but I loved School of Rock. It is my best show ever.

Mom - My topic for this month is the Roebling family and the Brooklyn Bridge.We recently saw a production of Roebling at Kelsey Theatre. Roebling is the story of John, Washington, and Emily Roebling and the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. It is interesting to learn about the history of the bridge and how it was built. Nowadays when everything seems to be built so quickly, it is hard to believe that the bridge took 14 years to make. It is sad to think of how many lives were lost in the building of the bridge. It is hard to imagine that at one time the Brooklyn Bridge was a state of the art bridge that was the biggest and tallest in the world. The show was written by playwright Mark Violi and had been performed at the Roebling Museum and the New Jersey State Museum as well as Actor's Net of Bucks County in Morrisville, PA prior to its limited one weekend run at the Kelsey Theatre. I am surprised the show has never been performed for school groups because it would make a good history lesson. For more about the show go to http://www.roeblingplay.com/index.html.
For another interesting story about the building of the Brooklyn Bridge see the book 21 Elephants and Still Standing, by April Jones Prince, the true story of when 21 elephants crossed the Brooklyn Bridge. Although the book is for children, the story is interesting for everyone. The book is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. There is also an episode of the TV series Mysteries of the Museum on Travel Channel that covers the incident. For even more about the Roebling's and the Brooklyn Bridge visit the Roebling Museum in Roebling, New Jersey. We have yet to visit the museum ourselves but when and if we do get there, we will bring you further information about it in a future Where-To-Go Wednesday post.
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