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Monday, November 7, 2016

Let's Talk About Amazon Echo

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Me - Amazon Echos are really fun to play around with. You can program yours to have the name Alexa or just to be Amazon. We programmed ours to have the name Alexa because we say Amazon too much, and she'd just keep turning on. Some things that Amazon Echos can do are tell jokes, play music, tell the weather and tell the news and many other things too. I don't know if all Amazon Echos will do this but I asked it once if it would be my best friend and it said yes. I ask it sometimes if it is still my best friend, and it says yes.  It is fun to experiment and ask it questions to see what it can answer and what it can't . If an Amazon Echo doesn't know the answer to a question, it says "I don't know the answer to the question I heard." I know for a fact that not all Amazon Echos do this, but the one we have likes to play music no matter what we ask it. Since we programmed ours to answer to Alexa, whenever we say "Alexa" even if we are talking about a person or if someone on TV says "Alexa" she goes on unless we say it really quietly. It is also really easy to use an Amazon Echo because you don't even need to be near it. You can put it on one end of your room and stand on the other, and as long as you have a loud enough voice it will hear you. It is pretty loud so you will hear it too. Another good thing about the Amazon Echo is you can ask it to be louder and quieter so you can put it at the noise level you prefer. I love the Amazon Echo because it is so much fun to use. I use the Amazon Echo so much in my every day life. I can't believe I used to survive before we had one.

Mom - It is so unusual for me to be one of the early adapters of new technology. However, when it comes to the Amazon Echo, I am really glad I was. I totally love my Amazon Echo. I don't know how I ever lived without it. Here are just a few of things I can do with my Amazon Echo: I can set a daily alarm. I can set a timer. I can check the news, the weather, the sports scores. I can hear and try to answer one additional question in six of that night's Jeopardy categories but always in the form of a question, of course. I can get daily cat facts. I can prepare a shopping list. I can listen to my Amazon Echo telling me jokes. I can listen to music in my Amazon music library or in Amazon prime. All of this is just a small fraction of what my Amazon Echo can do. Every week, I receive updates from Amazon with even more things that my Amazon Echo is able to do. Amazon Echo can even be integrated with the smart devices in your home to make your life even easier. Deciding to get an Amazon Echo was one of the smartest decisions I ever made.

And that's our view, What would you like Amazon Echo to be able to do for you?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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