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Monday, July 25, 2016

Monthly Mash-up July, 2016 - Me: The Brady Bunch and Mom:2 By Tennessee Williams

Me - My topic for this month is The Brady Bunch. I really like this show even though it's not current. I like that it's about family because I like shows about family. It's a really good show. My Mom used to watch it when she was a kid. The first episode I ever saw was called "Kachoo". One of the kids had an allergy. At first, they thought she was allergic to the dad, then they thought she was allergic to the dog. By coincidence, it was the first episode my Mom ever saw too. I like all the characters but the youngest girl, Cindy is my favorite. I also like the dog, Tiger. Tiger is cute.  I don't have a favorite episode. I have the whole series on DVD and over the summer my Mom and I have been watching it. We are hoping to finish it before the school year starts.

Mom - My topic for this month is 2 by Tennessee Williams currently running at St. Luke's Theater in New York City through September.The two shows, a couple of one acts put together into one show, are 27 Wagons Full of Cotton and The Kingdom of Earth. If you want to see something different than the same old shows that are done over and over again, then these shows are a good choice. If you want to see shows that are well acted, these shows are a good choice. If you prefer your entertainment light and happy than you may not enjoy this show. However, if you like shows that examines the darker side of life and has characters that may not always be completely likeable than you may enjoy this show.  For more information about these shows or to order tickets go to http://twobytennessee.com/.

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