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Monday, July 11, 2016

Caturday at the Lakewood BlueClaws

We were given free tickets to Caturday at the Lakewood BlueClaws for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own based on our experience.

Me - This past Saturday at the BlueClaws was Caturday. It was a doubleheader  game so all the cat stuff did not start until the second game. For Caturday, people could bring their own cat with them. Although you could bring your own cat only, one person did. They also had 2 cages of really cute kittens. I spent a long period of time just petting the kittens. The Blueclaws also had jerseys that were full of a bunch of cats. They where auctioning off the jerseys, but when I got there they were already at $100 so we didn't bid. There was a person dressed up as a cat named Miss Kitty. I was the mini manager of the game. Me and my mom got to hang out in the dugout until the game started. I got a paper and a sharpie to get the players to sign. I could get pictures with the players too. I also got to give the starting line up to the umpire and say "Play ball."  I love the BlueClaws, and  I had fun being the mini manager. Catuday was so much fun!

Mom - We recently attended Caturday at the Lakewood BlueClaws. Caturday was all about cats. The team wore cat jerseys. They showed cat pictures and cat videos on the scoreboard. They had a couple of cat mascot type characters. I don't think they were famous cat characters. If they were I didn't recognize them. They even had some cats from a local shelter there. They were so cute. They were climbing all over the cages they were in, and people were petting them. The game was actually a doubleheader, and only the second game was the official Caturday game so the team only wore the cat jerseys for that game. Aurella was the mini manager of the game for the second game. We got to hang out in the dugout before the game and talk to the manager and the players. They were nice and we had fun. I got a lot of pictures of Aurella with the players and with the manager. Both halves of the doubleheader were good. The BlueClaws won both games. The weather was nice too. It wasn't too hot. It looked like it was going to rain but it never did. All in all, it was a nice night at First Energy Park.

And that's our view. What is the most interesting promotion you've ever seen at a sporting event?

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