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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Monmouth Park Family Day and Finding Neverland

Me - Monmouth Park Family Day, wow! Monmouth Park Family Day was fun. They had a lot of free activities. The activities were mostly for younger kids but I still had fun there too. There was face painting and a bounce house. I got a star painted on my arm, and my sister got a horse painted on her check.  They had balloon animals. You got to choose the color and the animal you wanted. My sister got a pink dog. They had pony rides for little kids. My sister rode a pony called Thunder. It was really cute.  They had lots of food. The food wasn't free though.It looked and smelled really good though. The only bad part about it was that it was so hot. Because it was so hot, we didn't stay very long. We didn't even see any of the horse racing.*

*The above post is by Melia.
Me - Finding Neverland was a good show. It was about how James Barrie created Peter Pan.  I never actually saw the movie Peter Pan. I never read the book either. I did see Peter Pan Live on TV. It wasn't as good as The Sound of Music Live and The Wiz Live, but I did like the story. I knew the basic gist of the story before I just never actually saw it or read it. Finding Neverland was interesting. It is interesting to find out how authors come up with the ideas for their stories. I like to know how the stories come to be. The acting was good, but at some parts it was quiet, and you couldn't really hear what they were saying. The show had a dog in it. The dog was so cute. The dog even got a curtain call. I liked the songs. I especially liked the song, Believe. I heard that song before. I think they sang it in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The singing voices were nice. The story was mostly true but not completely. The story was interesting, but I wish I knew which parts were true and which they just made up for the show. The show had some funny parts but not as many as other shows I have seen. I really enjoyed Finding Neverland, and I would really suggest you see it before it closes on August 21.**
**The above post is by Aurella.

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