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Friday, June 24, 2016

Funtivity Friday- Art Projects: Paper People

Here is a fun way to make a person out of paper.

What you will need:

Colored paper
Marker and/or crayons
Tape or glue

What to do:

1) Draw and cut a head and hands out of colored paper.

2) Draw and cut hair out of black paper.

3) Draw and cut a shirt out of blue paper.

4) Draw and cut a vest and a crown out of green paper

5) Draw and cut a pants out of purple paper.

6) Glue or tape the hair to the head.

7) Glue or tape the crown to the hair.

8) Glue or tape the vest to the shirt.

9) Glue or tape the head to the shirt.

10) Glue or tape the hands to the shirt.

11) Glue or tape the pants to the shirt.

12) Create details as necessary, such as a face, with markers or crayons.

These directions are for the paper person above. However, any of the colors can be changed, the size of the paper person can be changed (ours was large) or you can make completely your own paper person by deciding on your own clothing etc. that you will need and how you will decorate it. It may help to make a sketch of what you plan to make before you start cutting out pieces.


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