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Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day at the Lakewood BlueClaws

Me - On Father's Day, we went to a Lakewood BlueClaws game. It was fun I liked that our team won. The BlueClaws beat the Kannpolis Intimidators 7-1! The coolest part of the game was when this guy hit a 3 run homerun! I have never seen anything cool like that before. I have never seen a grand slam, but I would really like too. My sister got to be mini manager of the day. Next time, we go I get to be, and I will talk about that more then. Every Sunday you can bring your dog to the BlueClaws so there were a lot of cute dogs and puppies. Sundays are also kids day. Kids can get a free hotdog, soda and chips. They also have special events for kids on Sundays. On Father's Day, you could have a catch on the field with your Dad after the game. We didn't do that. They gave out shirts to the men since it was Father's Day. I had ice cream at the game. It was delicious! I really enjoyed spending Father's Day at the BlueClaws, and if your Dad likes sports I would suggest spending your next Father's Day there if they have a home game that day.

Mom - We spent Father's Day at the Lakewood BlueClaws. It was a very busy day at the ballpark. There were plenty of Father's and kids at the ballpark and plenty of dogs. Melia was the Mini Manager of the game. Before, the game, she and I got to hang out in the dugout with the players. We met the manager, Shawn Williams. He seemed really young and made me feel really old, but he was nice though. He told me he had just finished his playing days himself. That only made me feel slightly better. It was very busy in the dugout. People kept coming and going including people who worked there, and people who didn't. The girl who sang the national anthem and was there with her family. She had a nice voice but she sang the anthem about the slowest I have ever heard it sung. The mascots, Buster and a new mascot, that is turtle whose name I don't know were going in and out of the dugout too. I think Melia had fun being the mini manager even though she was nervous about it. Aurella will be the mini manager at a game next month. She will talk more about what it means to be the mini manager and what mini managers do then. The mini managers duties only last until the game starts.When the game started, we went back to our seats. It was a good game. The BlueClaws won 7-1. I can't remember the last time the team I was rooting for was on the right side of a blowout like that. The only bad thing was that it was really really hot at the game. All in all, it was a good day, and a good Father's Day though. Well, at least I think it was, but of course, I am not a Dad.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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