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Monday, September 14, 2015

Football and Other Sports We Don't Like

Me -  I don't like football. I don't grasp the concept of it. If I had to pick a favorite football team, it would be the Baltimore Ravens.  I don't like basketball. It is boring to watch. I hate playing it more than any other sport in the world. I mean I don't mind going to the basketball court in the neighborhood with my brother and just taking turns throwing the ball in the hoop. I don't like to play in school or in a league though. I like to play tennis. I am not that good at it though. I am much better at table tennis. However,  I don't like to watch tennis. Golf is boring to watch or play. I love to play miniature golf especially the kind that has castles and buildings and towers though. I also like Monster Mini Golf.  I hate dodgeball. Those are all the sports I can think of for now that I don't like.

Mom - Unlike so many other people in this country, I  am not really crazy about football. However, if I absolutely had to pick a football that I liked even the teeniest little bit I would have to say the Baltimore Ravens.  I like the Ravens for a couple of reasons including the fact that I like purple. I also like to follow how my college's football team is doing although I don't go to any of the games. Even when I was in college, I only went to one of their games ever.  I don't like golf, tennis or basketball at all. I do like miniature golf though especially the old fashioned kind with all the cute little buildings and stuff. I do not like the more modern miniature golf that looks more literally like miniature golf. I do not like boxing or dodgeball or any sport where the object is to hurt or hit other people. For me, when it comes to sports, it's usually all or nothing. There are sports that I  love, there are sports that I  hate. There are not too many sports I feel in between about.

And that's our view. What sports don't you like?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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