Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Where-To-Go Wednesdays - Cinderella at Literally Alive Theater

We received free tickets to Literally Alive Theater's production of Cinderella
for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own based on our experience.
What: Cinderella

Where: Players Theatre
           115 MacDougal Street
           New York, New York

Who: All ages

When: Now through April 19

Our view: Literally Alive Theater's version of Cinderella, puts a totally new spin on the classic tale. Even if you have seen numerous versions of Cinderella before as we have, this version is still worth seeing.  The acting is great particularly the always extremely entertaining Eric Fletcher in the role of the stepmother and the hilarious Brianna Hurley in the role of the not so bright stepsister, Charlotte. The singing voices are beautiful from Rebecca Pomeranz as Cinderella right through the rest of the cast. The songs are good particularly the more amusing numbers including the opening number More and the extremely funny Off to the Ball. The show is a ton of fun from beginning to end. It is easily the best show we have ever seen at the Player's Theatre so far. If you want to see a highly enjoyable show, we recommend this one. However, if you are going, go quick. The show closes on April 19. For more information or to order tickets go to

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for more about Literally Alive Theater and their production of Cinderella.

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