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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The New York Spring Spectacular

Me - The New York Spring Spectacular, wow! It was awesome! The dancing and singing was good. Laura Benanti was my favorite person in the show. I love her on Nashville. Her character, Jenna was so funny in this. She called this young girl "girl child" and this young boy "boy child" instead of calling them by their names. Even the songs she sang were funny. Derek Hough's dancing was really good as always. I didn't know he could sing so well. His acting was much better than I expected. He was terrible when he was on Nashvillle. The Rockettes were really cool. I love when they do the kick line. In this show, they did it a bunch of times. I liked when they did their last number in the show with top hats and canes. It was like the number that they always do in the Macy's parade. This was the first time I got to see them live or at all besides the Macy's parade. The New York Spring Spectacular was really cool, and I am glad I finally got to see the Rockettes live. The show was even better than I expected.
 Mom -  When I was young, my grandmother took me to Radio City Music Hall in New York to see movies. Before or after the movie, the Rockettes would perform. It was nice,  but it wasn't like seeing the Rockettes in a whole show.  Even though the Rockettes have been performing in the Christmas Spectacular since before I was born and even though I have lived in the New York area most of my life, I have never seen it. Since I don't celebrate Christmas, I always thought it would be too Christmasy for me. However, now that I have seen the New York Spring Spectacular I realize that is not true. The New York Spring Spectacular had an Easter Bunny in it and that did not make it too Eastery.   Besides, having the Rockettes in the show is reason enough to see either show. Both shows feature a mix of familiar music and songs written just for the show. There are many more well known songs than original songs, however, at least in the New York Spring Spectacular. In the Christmas show, all of the songs are related to Christmas while in the Spring show the music is more varied. The only Easter song is Easter Parade. Other familiar songs featured  in the show include Welcome to New York, Vogue, Bang Bang, Singing in the Rain, There's No Business Like Show Business, New York, New York and many others. Aside from the music, other highlights of the New York Spring Spectacular  include a tour of famous New York City landmarks and a fashion show within the show. The show also features the voices of Whoopi Goldberg, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Donald Trump and Bella Thorne. It also features puppets, 3D technology, numerous video cameos and even Paddington the Bear and a Minion among other things. Any and all of these things add enjoyment to the show and all of them are good reasons to see the show. However, the best part of the show and the major reason to see the show remains of course, the Rockettes.

And that's our view. What song would you love to see the Rockettes perform to?

Tune in tomorrow for Funny Friday.

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