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Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Favorite Holidays

Me - Favorites holidays, wow!
1) Birthdays -  Even though it is not nationally celebrated. I like getting presents and cake. I don't like getting older though.
 2) Channukah - I like getting presents.
 3) Valentine's Day - I love romance. Even though I don't actually celebrate it myself, I love the idea of love. I love when TV shows celebrate their Valentine's Day episodes because they are always so romantic.

4) Thanksgiving -  I like Thansksgiving because my favorite little cousins usually come. Also, we get a break from school and any break from school is welcome.
 5) Halloween - I like candy.

Mom - Here are five more favorite holidays.
1) New Year's -  It is fun when the whole family stays up late and watches the ball drop together. Also, we always take videos to see how much the children have grown and changed and how  their likes and dislikes have changed.
 2) Easter - Easter has chocolate bunnies, enough said.
 3) Passover-The cake might not be real, but the chocolate is.
 4) Memorial Day - It is unofficially the start of  summer and it means that in  reality it will be summer soon.
 5) 4th of July - It is the only summer holiday and fireworks are fun and pretty.

And that's our view. What is your favorite holiday?

Tune in tomorrow for Tips for Tuesday.

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