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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Special - Laurie Berkner's New Album

As we previously discussed one of our favorite children's musical artists is Laurie Berkner. Laurie Berkner is going to be putting out a new album. It will be a lullaby album and you can be a part of it as the album will be created through Kickstarter.  If you make a donation towards making the album, you will get rewards. Rewards will include such things as a pre-release copy of the album, having your children's artwork on the cover of the album, and/or private concerts. For more information about Laurie Berkner see our February 18, 2013 post or go to laurieberkner.com. For more about Laurie Berkner's new album go to http://www.laurieberkner.com/about/press/7-about.html. For more about Kickstarter go to kickstarter.com.

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