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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lady Gaga

Me - Lady Gaga, wow! Lady Gaga is one of my top favorite singers. The other is Selena Gomez. Some of my favorite songs of  Lady Gaga are "Telephone", "Born This Way", "Bad Romance", "Poker Face"  and "Edge of Glory". I watched her on Oprah with Mom. I found out a lot of interesting facts about her like why she dresses so crazy. She said it's because she'd always been creative and loved to dress up. I learned why she calls herself Lady Gaga too. She said it was because she used to work with a person who called herself Lady Starlight, and she  (Lady Gaga) loved the Queen song "Radio Gaga." She is a really really great person even if she sometimes can weird people out because of her strange costumes.  I think a lot of what she wears is really strange too although some are not as bad. She and her mother have a foundation called The Born This Way Foundation where they get together people and tell them how they can be who they want to be, and it doesn't matter what other people think of them. As a child her named Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta she was bullied. I don't know why  because she seemed to dress normal then and she went by her real name. I get the impression that because of that she now dresses so strange because she wants to show people that she doesn't care what they think of her. She wants to show kids that they should be that way too. Anyway, however, she dresses, I really love her music. Lady Gaga is really awesome. If you haven't ever listened to her music, you should try it, and if you have and like it than you have good taste. Lady Gaga has a goof heart.

Mom - At first, I kind of thought Lady Gaga was a freak. I mean the way she dresses and all can be very strange. Then,  they covered a lot of her songs on Glee, and I started to like them. When I heard the song "Born This Way." I liked it. When I really listened to the words, I loved it. It talks about every person being important (a superstar) and every person being who  they were meant to be. That is such an important concept if more people got that and really accepted it, there would be less bullying and less wars. Those things are all about people thinking their way is the only way or there way is the better way or they have a right to tell other people what to do or how to life or that they are just out and out better than other people. Lady Gaga is all about tolerance. She doesn't just sing about it either. She and her mother have a foundation, The Born This Way Foundation, to help empower young people and stop bullying. Lady Gaga herself was bullied as a child. Some people of lesser tolerance might think that she brought it on herself if she dressed and behaved as strangely then as she does now. However, that is precisely the point. It doesn't matter how a person behaves or how they act or how they look or anything. Everyone has a right to be who they want to be and nobody else has a right to hurt them or harass them in anyway because of that. I am sure that when Lady Gaga herself was born a little girl named Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta her parents had no idea what she would turn out to be. However, they must have done something right because no matter what she acts like or dresses like or anything else, her heart is definitely in the right place.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for a new Friday feature.

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