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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Theater Thursday - Monotony the Musical

Although currently it is not possible to go to a theater and attend a show since all the theaters have been temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus, it is still possible to experience theater in alternative ways. Accordingly, starting today and for the duration of the crisis, Theater Thursday will focus on alternative forms of theater.

What: Monotony the Musical
           A Seven (7) Episode Podcast

Where: Anywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts

Who: Teens and Up

When: Available starting on April 15, 2020

Mom - Monotony is a completely original musical and not only because it is a podcast musical. It mostly revolves around a group of people working in an accounting office. It is about getting out of the rut you may be in and pursuing your dream. The story and characters are both engaging  and it keeps your interest throughout although at times knowing which characters is speaking is confusing because some of the voices sound similar, and there is no visual reference to help ease the confusion. The songs are nice, but not especially memorable.  

And that's Mom's view. For more about Monotony including a complete song list see below:

Monotony the Musical
Book and Lyrics by Sarah Luery
Music by Jared Chance Taylor

Story Synopsis:

Miserable at the office, Herbert Handler III is a timid accountant who longs to be free of his day job but is terrified to quit for fear of disappointing his deceased father. Accounting was his dad's dream and he owes it to his dad to keep the dream alive -- even if it means being a little bit (ok, a lot) miserable for the rest of his life. Still, he can't help but admire the bravery of his boss’s cute son, Theo, who lives life on his own terms. Could Herbert ever just -- stop caring what his dead dad thinks!?

Featuring the voices of:

Alden Bettencourt as Herbert Handler III
Jon Gibson as Theodore McGiver
Kelsey Ann Sutton as Marnee McDougal
Tod Macofsky as Mr. McGiver and The Bear
Alixandree Antoine as Ms. McDougal
Kyle, Ahamed Weinberg as Herbert Handler Sr. and Bode
David Castillo as Frank Collins and Trey
Pat Regan as Deacon
Evan Allgood as Thomas
Karen Trachtenberg as Lucinda.

Song List:

1. Death Of Me [Herbert Handler III, Marnee McDougal, Ensemble Vocals
2. The Son You Need [Theo McGiver]
3. The Accountants’ Dance [Mr. McGiver, Frank Collins, Herbert Handler III, Ensemble Vocals]

4. I’m Late! [Herbert Handler III]
5. Woe Is Me [Herbert Handler III]
6. Honey Song [Herbert Handler III]
7. Everything Is Different Now [Herbert Handler III, Theo McGiver]

8. Strong Girl [Marnee McDougal, Ms. McDougal]
9. Tennis Song [Herbert Handler III, Theo McGiver]
10. I’m Late! (Reprise 1) [Marnee McDougal]
11. I’m Late! (Reprise 2) [Herbert Handler III, Theo McGiver]
12. I’m Late! (Reprise 3) [Mr. McGiver]
13. I’m Late! (Reprise 4) [Herbert Handler III]

14. Death Of Me (Part II) [Herbert Handler III]
15. Born To Be Free! [Herbert Handler III, Frank Collins, Marnee McDougal, Mr. McGiver, Ensemble Vocals]
16. Like Peanut Butter and Jelly [Herbert Handler III, Theo McGiver]

17. 5 To 9 [Deacon, Trey, Bode, Marnee McDougal, Herbert Handler III]
18. Stick To The Brain [Herbert Handler III, Herbert Handler Sr., The Bear]
19. It’s A Sign [Herbert Handler III, Theo McGiver]

20. It’s A Great Day To Be A Hero [Theo McGiver, Ensemble Vocals]

21. How Do I Find The Words? [Mr. McGiver, Theo McGiver]
22. Stick To The Brain (Part II) [The Bear]
23. I Miss You So Much, Dad [Herbert Handler III, The Bear]
24. Goodbye, Mr. McGiver [Marnee McDougal, Mr. McGiver, Frank Collins, Ensemble Vocals]
25. Why Not Me? [Herbert Handler III, Theo McGiver, Marnee McDougal, Ensemble Vocals]

For more information, visit https://www.monotonythemusical.com. Tune in Sunday for this week's Sunday Scoop.

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