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Friday, March 13, 2020

RugHeat™ by CozyWinters

This is a paid post. We have been compensated for this post.

Portable Electric Radiant Floor Heating for Under Area Rugs

A home should be inviting and cozy. With the use of carpet warmers, consumers can add extra coziness to the home in key rooms and areas. This product is useful for just about any home but there is some confusion about the available options on the market for carpet warmers. A quick comparison of two top choices on the market, Hot Carpet by Woowarmer vs. RugHeat™ by CozyWinters, can help remove confusion.
Hot Carpet by Woowarmer vs. RugHeat™ by CozyWinters
  1. GFCI and plug
Woowarmer: Employs a two prong plug and is not GFCI protected, making it hazardous and not within suggested electrical code.
CozyWinters: Employs a three prong plug that is GFCI protected and is the only CE listed heating product for use under rugs.
  1. Sizing
Woowarmer: Offered in limited options in terms of size and incapable of properly fitting most rugs sold on the U.S. market.
CozyWinters: Offered in several sizes based on popular rug sizes sold in stores on the U.S. market.
22" x 34" (Fits under a 2' x 3' Rug)
22" x 89" Runner (Fits under a 2' x 7.5' Runner)
34" x 58" (Fits under a 3' x 5' Rug)
58" x 81" (Fits under a 5' x 7' Rug)
63" x 93" (Fits under a 5.5' x 8' Rug)
  1. Temperature
Woowarmer: UL standards recommend a temperature below 104 degrees Fahrenheit for safety reasons since temperatures at or above this figure can result in skin burns and dehydration. This product operates at 115 degrees Fahrenheit on high or 95 degrees Fahrenheit on medium.
CozyWinters: Runs at a safer temperature of 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit to remove the safety concern.
  1. Safe power density
Woowarmer: Power density is not within a safe range per UL standards and the product actually exceeds the limit of 12 watts/sf as denoted by UL standards.
CozyWinters: Remains safely within the range of appropriate watts because it has the required amps and voltage.
  1. Control unit
Woowarmer: The control unit is bulky and may pose as a trip hazard due to where it is in the design. It is also covered in a thermally insulated material which poses its own concerns.
CozyWinters: The control unit is contained in a flame retardant ABS block to avoid danger and it exits the heating panel in the corner to avoid being a trip hazard.
  1. Cord length
Woowarmer: Offering only 6 feet in cord length, this option is too short for the average size of rooms found in most American homes.
CozyWinters: Offering 8 feet in cord length, this product is better suited to average room sizes in America.
  1. Furniture
Woowarmer: It can only be positioned under the legs of furniture and includes limits on the types of furniture that can be positioned on top of it.
CozyWinters: It can be utilized with pretty much all types of furniture without worry as long as the recommended spacing guidelines of the product are followed.
  1. Waterproofing
Woowarmer: It isn’t waterproof which means it should not be used in areas such as bathrooms or kitchens. It isn’t GFCI protected which is also a concern since spilling liquid on it will cause damages to the product.
CozyWinters: It can be used in wet areas such as the bathroom or kitchen without worry since it is waterproof and has GFCI protection.
  1. Unpleasant Odor
Woowarmer: The carpet warmer may have an adhesive odor to it the first time the consumer uses it. This smell should go away over time and use, but it can be unpleasant and take longer to dissipate in smaller rooms without enough ventilation.
CozyWinters: The product is free from odor from the very first use provided the consumer follows suggested guidelines and avoids putting foam under the warmer.
  1. Warranty
Woowarmer: The product comes with a 1-year warranty which is pretty standard.
CozyWinters: The product offers a 5-year warranty for increased peace of mind for the consumer.
  1. Unclear Messages on Usage
Woowarmer: The product is often advertised with many contradictions that the consumer should be aware of such as the company claiming it is ideal for use under bathmats when it isn’t waterproof in the first place. The manufacturer also claims the product is ideal for use with sleeping bags to stay warm, but it also has a notice not to use the product while sleeping. They also say the product is ideal for use under a pet bed, but this would cause it to overheat and shut off in the process, to say nothing of the possible fire hazard created if the pet damages the unit.
CozyWinters: This product offers clearly defined safety and usage parameters so there is no confusion for the consumer.
  1. Bug Concerns
Woowarmer: Since the heating element is encased in a carpet-like material, there is the concern of bug infestations. In fact, it is so common with this product that the owner’s manual offers a few tips on how to get rid of pests such as ticks and mites often found in the material.
CozyWinters: The product doesn’t use the same design with the carpet-like material so the bug issue is eliminated altogether.


  1. This is pretty clever. Not needed where I live but I can see where this would be nice to have in states where it gets really cold.

    1. Yes, it's a good idea isn't it? Thanks for visiting Says Me Says Mom and your comment.