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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Still More Theater Saturday - Unknown Soldier

We were given complimentary tickets to Unknown Soldier for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed are our own.

What: Unknown Soldier

Where: Playwrights Horizon

Who: Recommended for Ages 15 and Up

Mom's view: Unknown Soldier is a story about a woman named Ellen who finds a picture of an anonymous soldier when she is going through a box of her late grandmother's things and then begins a quest to find out who he really is.  At first, the shows seems like it is going to be a sweet romance as Ellen begins to unravel the truth about her past. However, things take a surprising turn and the story turns out to be not nearly as predictable as it seemed like it would.The unpredictability of it is nice, but the direction which the story takes is not always so nice.  Most of the acting was good as were the singing voices especially that of Kerstin Anderson in the role of Lucy Lemay. The songs were not all that memorable though. All in all, it was  an interesting story but in the end it left more of a feeling of shock than a satisfied feeling of closure.

And that's Mom's view. Unfortunately the rest of the run of this show has been cancelled due the theater related closures because of Coronavirus.

Tune in tomorrow for this week's Sunday Scoop.

Photo credits: All Unknown Soldier production photos Joan Marcus 

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