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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Where-To-Go Wednesday - The World of Anna Sui

What: The World of Anna Sui

Where: Museum of Arts and Design
             2 Columbus Circle
             New York, NY

Who: All ages

When: Through February 23, 2020


Me - The World of Anna Sui was a nice exhibit. I especially liked the accessories like boots, and sunglasses, and jewelry. The boots were my favorite. I love boots. There was whole display of boots by themselves, but I also liked the boots with the clothing on the mannequins. Anna Sui's clothes are very colorful. I like that about them. There were some really cute outfits. Anna Sui makes a lot of different kinds of outfits. That makes her clothes interesting. It is boring when a designer keeps on making the same kind of clothes over and over again. I could picture myself wearing some of the outfits for a special occasion, but mostly I can't imagine myself wearing them. They are too out there for me, but that makes them fun to look at. I really enjoyed The World of Anna Sui.


Mom - If you like colorful and fun clothing designs, you won't want to miss The World of Anna Sui, a current exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Designs. Anna's designs are very whimsical. They revolve around a wide variety of entertaining themes including cowgirls, hippie chicks, pirates, fairy tales and more. They are not the kind of clothes that you can imagine an ordinary person wearing in their everyday life at least not the ones on display in this exhibit. However, they are really fun to look at, and there are quite a lot to look at as the collection on display is quite extensive. It also includes other items like shoes, makeup and jewelry as well as clothing. These items are equally as colorful and fun to view as the clothes. On the whole, The World of Anna Sui is a delightfully fun feast for the eyes.


And that's our view. For more about The World of Anna Sui, visit

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