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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Theater Thursday - Tootsie the Musical

We were given free tickets to Tootsie for review purposes. Any and all opinions expressed here are our own.

What: Toostie

Where: Marquis Theatre
             1535 Broadway
             New York, NY

Who: Recommended for Ages 13 and Up

Me - Tootsie was very very good. I only saw the movie once. It was okay. Some of the movie was funny, but it wasn't great, in my opinion. I loved the show, however.  It was hilarious! The acting was fabulous! Santino Fontana was really amazing! When he plays Michael Dorsey and when he plays Dorothy Michaels they are so completely different. He really deserves a Tony for his performance. It is like two performances in one. Sarah Stile was really good too. Her performance was really funny. I really liked the song she sang. It was called What's Gonna Happen. It is very funny.  She deserves a  Tony too. In the movie, Dorothy Michaels gets cast in a soap opera. In the show, she gets cast in a Broadway show. The show she gets cast in is very funny. It is like a crazy sequel to Romeo and Juliet. I really liked the songs in Tootsie. I am definitely going to want to get the CD. This show is very enjoyable and uplifting. It  will make you happy.

Mom - The movie Tootsie is funny. The show is even more so. Although the gist of the plot is the same as the movie a lot has been changed from the movie to the show. Partly that is because of the logistics of moving from the screen to the stage, but also because the world has changed and woman are much more empowered now than they were at the time the movie was made ,and the creators have chosen to reflect those changes in this show. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes it doesn't . Although not everything in the plot always seems to make sense that doesn't take away from what a great fun show this is. The performances are incredible! Santino Fontana gives a Tony worthy performance in the lead role of Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels. He does such a terrific job differentiating the two roles even when he is singing, and when he is singing he does not sound like a man trying to imitate a woman he sounds like a woman. However, he is not the only standout in this show, Sarah Stiles, John Behlmann and Andy Grotelueschen all shine in very funny supporting roles as Michael's, ex Sandy; his co-star in the Broadway show,  Max Van Horn and his roommate, Jeff respectively. Sandy's musical number What's Gonna Happen is one of the highlights of the show. It is hysterical, and it  doesn't even get old when it is reprised not once but twice. It is equally amusing all three times. The songs in general are really enjoyable. Even if they don't stick in your mind the first time, they are worth listening to again. All in all, Tootsie is just a really entertaining show that will definitely make you smile.

And that's our view. Tune in tomorrow for Funtivity Friday.

Photo credits: All Tootsie production photos by Matthew Murphy

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